These examinations have a minimum qualification of SSLC. We are continuously adding more questions on a regular basis to this website. This question bank was prepared on the basis of previous years PSC Examinations. Solving previous years questions will give you an idea of the range of questions in each topic in General Awareness.

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Who was the political guru of Gandhiji? Ahmed 3. Rakesh Sharma is famous for being. The paintings of Ajanta depicts. Dandi march was undertaken by Gandhiji to: a Start Satyagraha b Break of salt law c Press the demands for poorna swaraj d None of these 6.

Which of the following is not a capital city? Common salt is: c Calcium chloride d None of these When was Television first introduced in India? Ammannur Madhava Chakkiar is associated with: a Kathakali b Koodiyattom Tagore won the Nobel Prize for literature in: a b c d Who is known as the father of white revolution in India? Swaminathan b Vinoba Bhave Who is the Finance minister in the Achuthanandan ministry? Baby b C. Divakaran c P. Sreemati d Dr.

Thomas Issac The famous Lucknow pact between the Congres and the Muslim League was concluded in: a b c d Who was the chairman of the two commission appointed by the British Govt.

Achuthanandan b Dr. Thomas Issac c C. Padmarajan d Dr. Prbhat Patnaik Vasudevan Nair b G. Arvindan c Ramu Kariat d Adoor Gopalakrishnan In which state is the first synagogue built in India? Operation Flood deals with: a Flood control b Provision for drinking water c Production of milk d None of these Who produced the first automobile? Who is the president of Afghanisthan?

Rousseau theories greatly contributed to which one of the following? Who is the Malayalam poet recently selected for Saraswathy Samman? Ayyappa Paniker b Sugatha Kumari c A. Ayyappan d Vishnu Narayanan Namboothiri Dengue fever is caused by a Fungus b bacteria c Protozoa d Virus Hormones are normally absent in: a Rat b Monkey c Bacteria d Cat Which is the largest living bird?

Milk tastes sour when kept in the open for sometime due to the formation of: a Lactic aci b Citric acid c Acetic acid d Carbonic acid Which river feeds Tehri dam? Who was the founder of Servants of India society? Gokhale b N. Joshi c Tilak d Gandhiji Who was the first Indian to become a member of the British parliament? Banerji b D. Wanchu c Dadabhai Naoroji d None of these The number of countries who are members of United Nation is a b c d Which of the following countries is not a permanent member of the UN security council?

In India, iron and steel industry made its beginning in The first factory was set up at: a Barnpur b Durgapur c Jamshedpur d Kulti The present decimal system was invented by a Egyptians b Indians c Greeks d Romans What are the sun spots? A radio active alkali metal is: a Lithium b Sodium c Francium d Cecium The main component of biogas is a Hydrogen b Methane c Butane d Propane Which among the following is a reversible reaction?

The ultimate environmental hazard to man kind is: a Nuclear pollution b Water pollution Carbohydrates are stored in liver as: a Glucose b Glycogen c Maltose d Fructose The pathogen causing malaria is a: a Bacterium b Virus c Potozoan d Fungus A doctor has prescrbed sylindrical lens to a patient. What is the defect of vision? During sleeping most of the impulses to cerebrum are inhibited by ………..

Workers in coalmines and stone quarries develop: a Silicosis b Haemophilia c Allergies d Asthma The Kasiranga wildlife sactuary is meant for protecting a Elephani b Lion c Indian rhinoceros d Tiger A frog with body temperature fo C is transferred to an area with C temperature. The control rods used in nuclear reactor are made of: a Barium b Graphite c Carnium d Antimony Which of the following is used as a propellant?

The irregular and partial refraction of light rays in a medium is known as a scattering b dispersion c interference d diffraction The shaping of vehicles so as to reduce air friction is known as a lubricant b polishing c streamlining d ball bearings When will your body have least potential energy? When the temperature of water reaches at ………… it expands instead of contracting a 0 0C b 4 0C c -4 0C d -2 0C Dip a bar magnet into a heap of iron fillings and raise the magnet, we can see that the fillings are: a Clustered at the middle b Clustered over the surface uniformly c Clustered at the two ends d Clustered only at south pole An example for thermosetting plastics is: a Bakelite b Celluloid c Nylon d Polythene What is the talc used in talcum powder?

Metal used in a car battery: a Zinc b Sodium c Iron d Lead Which one converts nitric to nitrate? Fruits kept in refrigerator maintain their flavour and taste for longer period due to: a Non availaibility of oxygen b Presence of excess CO2 c Presence of excess moisture d Slowing down of respiration A farmer applied a hormone to his rice plants and the plants grew abnormally tall. Which of the following do you think, was the hormone? Site of fertilization in human female is: a Fallopian tube b Uterus c Vagina d Ovary The process involved in the passage of food in the alimentary canal is: a Peristalsis b Digestion c Ingestion d Assimilation Which of the following is a vitamin deficiency disease?

The principle of hydrogen bomb is: a Nuclear fusion b Nuclear fission c Decay d Transmutation The mode in which earth gets heated from the sun is a Conduction b Radiation c Expansion d Convection.


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