ICON brims with the sort of crunch and mechanics popular among tabletop rpgs during the late s and early s. One look at the standard character sheet, with its 24 blank slots for skills, should convince anyone that this game comes with a little bit of a learning curve. If it had been designed today, I suspect it would look quite different. That lazer-like focus on creating a uniquely Trek platform pretty much saves the game and makes it a viable option today. If everyone keeps that tenet in mind, a gaming group can have a blast with LUG Trek. Viewed through that lens, ICON does just fine.

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RETAIL SIGN UP If you represent a retailer and would like to find out how to be part of our retail pre-order via your local distributor, and be featured on our Retail Starbase Locator, please sign up by clicking on this button, you will also be sent the playtest pack so you can play in store! Get the official Star Trek Adventures sets of high quality 32mm scale resin miniatures. Each figure also includes a scenic base.

There will also be a range of geomorphic deck plans to accompany the miniatures so you can construct a variety of locations from your adventures. Click on the images below to be taken to the store page. The living campaign begins with playtest missions and will continue with the release of the core rulebook in the summer of The living campaign takes place in the Shackleton Expanse, an area of space vastly unexplored by both the Federation and the Klingons.

Enterprise NCCC was destroyed, serves as the keep on the borderlands for excursions out into the frontier of space. As the crews of the U. Venture, U. Bellerophon, U. Thunderchild, explore strange anomalies and discover new life while uncovering an ancient civilization and mysterious technologies, those aboard the U. Lexington will shape historical events for those very ships. Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Infinity and John Carter of Mars roleplaying games, is excited to announce today the development of Star Trek Adventures, the first new official Star Trek roleplaying game to be produced in more than a decade.

Each player will experience the game differently based on the ship they are assigned to and attendees of Gen Con will have the exclusive North American opportunity to choose their ship, as well as claim a free Captain Kirk or Captain Picard miniature, while supplies last, when they register for the playtest.

Registration will take place daily at the Modiphius booth in the Gen Con exhibit hall August 4 — 7, Additional sign-ups will launch online from early September at www. The living campaign playtest will launch in the fall. Modiphius is also sculpting an accompanying Star Trek miniature figure line, the first to be produced in 17 years.

Resin and metal 32mm-scale hobby figures will feature classic Star Trek characters and crews, boarding parties and away teams. Geomorphic tile maps of burning Federation ships, mysterious colonies and embattled Klingon cruisers will set the scene for dramatic new voyages in the Final Frontier. Sign up for Starfleet now at www. All Rights Reserved.

Accompanying the range will be geomorphic map tiles of Federation, Klingon and other ships, space stations, lost colonies, ancient ruins as well as dangerous and mysterious worlds to explore.

As you can see from the scale picture example above they are 32mm iand made in a soft resin. These two initial figures of Captain Kirk and Picard will be available to those signing up for the official playtest at the Modiphius stands at GenCon, Essen Spiele and Dragonmeet and later as part of various sets.

Which Star Trek shows will the game cover? It does not include the new reimagined films by JJ Abrams. What game system will it use? Click on the links above to check out free previews of some of these games. When will it be out? Star Trek Adventures will be out Summer but there will be details of a pre-order announced in the coming months.

Can I play a Klingon or other non-Starfleet characters The core rulebook will focus on playing human and alien Starfleet characters There will be supplements that introduce other playable character races including Klingons. Will there be ship combat? Star Trek Adventures will have a simple ship combat system for use in the roleplaying game. Can I play Captain Kirk, Picard or other characters?

Yes there will be pre-generated characters for many of the well known personalities from Star Trek including Picard, Kirk and more, but the focus will be on creating your own stories in the Star Trek universe.

Are you keeping it authentic? How are you going to address the Prime Directive? In Star Trek Adventures characters will have good reason to follow the Prime Directive, but as in the shows and films, sometimes this duty will be challenged.

You will find out more in the playtest. How much will it cost? Are you looking for writers or artists? If you have been professionally published as a writer in the tabletop games industry or commercially published as an artist yes please contact us through www. Will it be combat focused or more like the shows?

In Star Trek Adventures the ability to solve problems, deal with moral dilemmas, unearth conspiracies or ancient mysteries, will be as important as being able to command a ship in action or lead an Away Team under fire. Will this be a Kickstarter? No, there will not be a Kickstarter.

What size are the miniatures? They are 32mm to match other popular scale miniature figure lines. Will the roleplaying game require miniatures? No it does not require miniatures to play, however many gaming groups like to use miniatures to represent their characters, show their relative positions etc. You will be able to use our geomorphic map tiles recreate key scenes from your missions above Federation ships, boarding Klingon cruisers, or exploring strange ancient ruins.

Which miniatures will you be making? We will be making miniatures of all the well-known characters from the shows and films, as well as generic crews, Away Teams, alien races, boarding parties and more. Will you be making ship miniatures? Will it be similar to the previous Star Trek roleplaying games Star Trek Adventures is a completely new design and will be bringing to life many important aspects of the Star Trek stories in new ways that we think you are going to love. Will there be Living Campaigns once the game comes out?

There will be Star Trek Adventure Living Campaigns running each year with organised play events in stores and special events at major conventions. Who are the artists working on Star Trek Adventures? We have a large number of amazing artists coming together to work on the game including many familiar names from the world of Star Trek.

We will be using graphic artwork and CGI instead of stills from the films and shows. Registration No. SW6 4QP.


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