Just like any other boy of my age, I was more interested in spending my summer vacations with friends, playing games and basically, wasting time. However, little did I know that I was in for a ride. Spending the most wonderful 6 days of my life in that Funcamp, I entered an entirely different world. I realized the 16 years I had spent living like any other child at my age does, was merely a lie — purposeless and empty. It was in these 6 days that I finally found what life really meant. I gained a new perspective and stepped onto a new path that, with every step, would direct me towards happiness and peace.

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Chapter two: Knowing yourself Who am I? Who am I? In this country, what am I supposed to do? What are my duties as a boy, resident, family member and friend? We must have known the purpose of our birth to the earth.

For what we have come here? What should i follow? Chapter four: Be Optimistic Explore the positive aspect of every happening. Also use positive words in daily communication. Being positive in daily life makes you away from discourage, disgrace. This will help you in viewing the world in a new happy way.. Chapter five: Take risks and the responsibility of own actions The art of managing situations allows a person to make decisions fluid and efficient.

As the ups and downs of life come in every seconds we should not get panic. The only way to overcome this is your faith. By this we take risk over things and make good decisions. Chapter six: Facing Failures There will be shortcomings and failures in the path of success , such failures are always there to make or break someone, and temporary failures should always be treated as a sign of everlasting success.

With every small or big change in our lives, our values are reshaped. Value is one of the greatest lessons that failure could teach us in our lives. While success could easily get to our heads, failure keeps us grounded. Failure teaches us to value all the right things in order to succeed. Chapter seven: Stay Consistent Consistency is the key driver of successful people.

One should remain determined in the way of life for achieving high targets. Life with moral values is the life with character. Chapter ten: Live with Allah Almighty The path of life is safe and healthy to be under the safety of Allah and to be bound with His love.

While making decisions, celebrating, giving and taking one should remember Allah. Anything with references is definitely an art in the light of Islam. A lifetime gift to all those who are helpless and want to achieve by their God-given talents.


Career & Success

A life-changing perspective of life and success that is rarely found, this book promises the common man a moment of realization of exactly where he is standing in his life, and how to henceforth move towards the destination he chooses for himself. From human resource functions of recruitment and selection to higher-end role requirements of decision making, team building, change management and communication, this small gift can prove imperative to any individual belonging to the world of business. In times of today where happy marriages have, unfortunately, become a tale of old, and have been replaced by fights and depression, a book which allows us to glimpse into what marriage was ought to be is definitely a prized possession. Surrounded by death and despair, it becomes incredibly difficult for the common man to live with hope, joy and optimism. However, the secret to positive thinking is merely change of perspective, and that is exactly what this book aims to teach.



Public Economics degree between Introduction Traditionally, application of mathematics had been restricted to the physical sciences, and the theories in the social sciences had been neglected, but in these days we notice that mathematical economics is flying high. Based on our research of 70 medium-sized companies, an examination was made of key issues as they impact TQ. Very few businessmen, though actually realize what it really means to their businesses. It was struggling to rebuild its economy and put people to work. This involved more than just getting the factories running again. Now the Management Community is pulsating with a new vigor, widely known, alive, searched and researched.

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