The CCHR is a leading watchdog group that investigates and exposes psychiatric human rights violations, and along with the AQG Institute, shares a common aim as humanitarians. As the AQG delegation prepared for the main event on Saturday evening, the 43rd CCHR Annual Human Rights Award Gala, news of the death of singer Whitney Houston buzzed around the elegant ballroom, quickly followed by allegations regarding the cause — an overdose of prescription drugs, particularly, the popular psychotropic drug Xanax. Similar episodes are occurring all over the world, where people are suffering in complete misery, with no hope, often left to die - even, at times, by their own hands. The profession that is supposed to know the answers to our mental woes and cure our mental afflictions -psychiatry- does nothing but supply medications and use barbaric techniques to aid in this mental death; even worse, they capitalize on this despair. There is, however, the light of hope on the horizon. Mubarik Gilani, developed the El Gilani Methodology EGM , a scientifically proven system that is directed at the true etiology of imbalances in mental health and provides a curing solution to these maladies.

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He started his education at the age of 18 and later began his career as a teacher. It is said that Ghous pak converted his strength of knowledge into Sufism to practice Islam in a more concise way, and that became his power in the later years.

He believes this to be the reason for our decline. What is Gyareweeh Shareef? This is one of the most commonly asked questions I have heard and that is because most of the people have no clue about it. No doubts about that. Then people would pray Isha prayer and leave.

Meaning Of Ghous-e-Azam; the one who can fulfill the need of the people. Let me clarify it a bit. Allah is the real fulfiller and all the power is with him but He has given some authorities to his Awliya karam; the friend of Allah and made them a way through which He listens and on the request of Awliya karam he accepts and grants the blessings to his people. In the word of Sufi terminology, ghous pak is used for the one who has the highest ranks in Wilayat; power.

It is said that He was died or opt Parda on the 11th of February at the age of ninety-one years; 91 years according to the Islamic calendar. What we learn from Ghous-e-Pak life? We are our own teacher, and in the end, we have to answer of all the deeds that we have done here in life, we should also question this to ourselves that what we are doing? What are the consequences? Are we good? He cried for his Ummah, and seek forgiveness for his Ummah.

We should always remember this, we should keep his lifestyle in our mind to sustain what we always desire for. Simplicity; this is what our Sufis advised us in every step, Peace; to create between two people, the ultimate guide for brotherhood, trust, and development of the prominent personality is indeed a blessing from Allah but do we actually follow it? Maybe yes or maybe no. This is how revolution works. Also bless us with the knowledge that He is the only fulfiller and all the Sufis, Awliyaas are his Friends and an example for all of us.


Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani



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Who Was Hazrat Peer Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani?


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