It was originally scheduled to be released in January , then it was moved to March Then finally, Star Cinema changed its original release date and moved it to May 13, Critical response[ edit ] Para Sa Hopeless Romantic received mixed reviews from movie critics. Oggs Cruz from Rappler called the movie "decent, harmless, and authentically perceptive", indicating that the movie is less needlessly complicated and is defiantly anchored in reality, which sets it apart from other romance movie, saying: "Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Para sa Hopeless Romantic is how it feels defiantly anchored in reality. She laments not being able to move on, to the point of creating grim stories about the futility of love.

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Start your review of Para sa Hopeless Romantic Write a review Shelves: tagalog , romance , first-novel , funny , pinoy I liked this book. Very fresh take on romance writing. It basically follows the same formula for this very commercial genre but the overall structure and the impact of this book are different. Not the usual tiring romance pocketbooks, both in Tagalog or English, that you will find flooding the local market. For me, these were the reasons why I liked this book better: 1 The writer is a young free-spirited fresh from college male.

When he started writing poems and short stories in high school they were mostly funny. The evidence of his creativity and some funny elements can seen in this book Para sa Hopeless Romantic Translation: For the Hopeless Romantic.

I know that this is not new even in local books but the sequence is something that I have not seen before: the frame real story is "inside" the unreal story. It is like the story that the writer is weaving precedes her. My only problem in this structure is that Santos should have tied up the unreal story at least by stating the writer character Maria would resume the storytelling after her own story ended.

Also, the fifth story seemed misplaced. It felt like an afterthought. But it is nevertheless cute because Jackie is the funniest character in this book. Reading Tagalog romance books always feels better than English romance books. Tagalog feels much closer to a Filipino heart. Walang makakapantay sa pagbabasa ng Tagalog pagdating sa mga kuwento ng pag-ibig. The rhyme, cadence and beat of Tagalog words have the power to strike the chords of our emotions compare to the when I read English romance novels.

However, most Tagalog romance writers have the tendency to go overboard by having too mushy statements that can be downright corny. Santos was able to control myself by making his narrative bearable to male readers.

Santos was able to effectively use his being young and male and he seemed to know that he could not compete with the many female romance authors around.

He needed to be different and cater his works for both male and female young readers. Do you notice how many romance books we have in our bookstores?

And their publishers make sure that they come in the same size and format? Even the number of pages are usually the same. Then the number of pages would give you a warning that their authors have to compromise by making sure that their stories will not exceed the number of pages the publishers impose.

Here, you will not feel that Santos compromised his story because of the required number of pages. He sure is a new author to watch out for.


Para sa Hopeless Romantic




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