Based on reviews awesome mini phone, LOVE IT "build quality is tight, feels good in the hand, capability is surprising, size is amazing pocketability, one-handed use, wow factor. All my necessary apps work with reasonable speed, this thing really delights. During that time I have owned an apple watch then later a Fitbit Charge 3. I am on my phone so much less. Nor do I feel the need to Google every single thing or surf the web while I am at work.

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Page 2 Macintosh serial adapter. Page 3: Table Of Contents Charging your handheld Page 4 Installing applications using a Windows computer Page 5 Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions Use your new handheld to do the following: Enter your schedule in Date Book, and set an alarm to remind you This ensures all data on your handheld is on your desktop computer.

Page 9: Preparing To Use Your Handheld Preparing to use your handheld Before you begin using your handheld and Palm Desktop software, you must complete a few easy installation tasks. If your computer does not have a USB You can use the HotSync Manager to backup and exchange data between your handheld and your computer.

If you are upgrading, you may want to create a copy of your old Palm Desktop software folder and its contents before installing your new Palm Desktop software. Turn on your computer. Exit any open programs, including those that run automatically at startup such as Microsoft Office and virus-scanning software. Turn on your Macintosh. Note: If you are upgrading and your old Palm Desktop software is version 1. Double-click the Palm Desktop CD icon. Page Synchronizing Data: Performing The First Hotsync Operation Desktop software with another handheld user, you can change users by selecting a name from the User list on the right side of the Palm Desktop window.

Be sure you select the correct user name before entering data in Palm Desktop software. Page Using Expansion Features Each handheld must have a unique name To prevent unexpected results during HotSync operations, possible data loss, and other complications, each handheld must have a unique name. If you have upgraded, your new handheld and your old handheld have the same user name after completing the upgrade process. Hold your handheld securely. Use your thumb to lightly push against the top of the card, following the direction indicated by the expansion card icon on the back panel of your handheld.

The expansion card slot releases the card, and your handheld plays the system sound. You can also accept beamed data from another Palm OS handheld that is close by and has an infrared port. Entering data with the onscreen keyboards 1. Tap the characters to enter text and numbers. Caps lock Caps shift Numeric Tap here to display numeric keyboard 5.

Tap Done to close the onscreen keyboard. Entering data with Graffiti writing Graffiti characters are similar to uppercase letters that are formed with a single-stroke. Page Graffiti Tips 4. Write Graffiti characters in the Graffiti writing area. Write big and press firmly. Draw strokes that nearly fill the Graffiti writing area to improve accuracy.


Palm m515 Manuals & User Guides



Palm m515 Manuals


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