I also have another name and that is the golden boy. You should understand that all of you have special names with the ascended masters. Most of you know me as the being that first grounded the Mahatma energy on planet earth and some of you would know that I was not very good at taking advice from the beings that I worked with and in the end I managed to wear out my physical body with this energies. It is important to understand that the way the Mahatma energy is grounded upon the earth now makes it impossible for you to burn your self out with this energy.

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Beings such as yourself, in your higher aspects, who are the Creators, created mankind and this physical plane but could not experience it. So this is the first time consciously that Grian had seen innumerable identifiable flying objects. If anyone out there has additional recordings from Brian Grattan which are not listed here, please contact us using the form on the Contact page of this website.

Meer titels ter overweging. Look to see the grain of truth and the grain of Light within each area that you look at.

You gratatn not relegated to worshipping those who have already done this very basic initiation called ascension. Je schermnaam moet ten minste 2 tekens bevatten. It is all contained there, and it ultimately gets stepped down even into the cellular DNA level.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. How to Be Financially Successful. It is as ancient as mankind, in its ultimate sense. Take a look inside. Embodying Love in its pure essence is not a binding energy, it is a liberating energy, given to mankind as a model they may wish to follow. Simply viewed, that being would be properly held as an example of what is mayatma. This book is an excellent spiritual reference book for ascension.

As the channeling process unfolds with more and more channels around the world, with information. It just means that you have a lot more potential to bring down. Soullevels, to bond the Creator level with the Co-Creator level. Not only do all lifetimes occur simultaneously, but each one affects the others.

If they choose that they want and need Brian as a Cosmic Avatar, then Brian- or whatever name you choose to go by- will come back, if that is your choice as well. Benevolentmagic is currently reading it Jan 10, Writings from the One.

Brian Grattan — John Armitage From each spoke, a line is drawn connecting to the multidimensional chakra system diagram. It could take up to several hours to download a single seminar set, depending on the speed of the internet connection. Write a customer review. Through the Eye of the Shaman — the Nagual Returns. Related Posts.


Mahatma & Brian Grattan Archive

Leave a reply There is a long-term project to collect, digitize, and archive material from Brian Grattan, focusing on recordings of the various Mahatma seminars that he presented in the s. These recordings were released on cassettes and VHS video tapes, but not in digital formats. Few, if any, are currently available anywhere. Because of this, various individuals have created digital copies over the years, and it is our hope to gather everything in order to preserve these materials for the future in modern formats. This is a call to all who might have copies of material by or about Brian Grattan, who would like to contribute to this project. We are seeking original tape copies of most of the Mahatma seminar sets, and would be willing to buy them, offer trades, or request a temporary loan of the material to make digital copies.


Brian Grattan & The 1967 Canadian UFO Wave


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