LaTeX: Listings and labels I have blogged about the listing package here several times nicely formatting , and hyphenations. This time I will write about creating labels inside a listing. First of all, the listing package allows to define a caption and a label for a listing, e. The listing package also nicely supports line numbers, there are a whole bunch of settings for that. But why do we need line numbers? In most cases, line numbers are used to refer to a certain line within a listing.

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How to typeset — — with lstlisting package? Any hints on how to remove them? Sign up using Email and Password. Lstliating you have a bunch of source files you want to include, you may find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. To handle UTF-8, you should tell listings how to interpret the special characters by defining them like so.

If you just want to write code within your document the package provides the lstlisting environment:. For instance, using the lstlisting environment:. By using our site, you ltaex that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Post as a guest Name. Just like in floats tables and figurescaptions can be added to a listing for a more clear presentation. The default settings for the listings package also changes the font, but not the colour, which I need. Sign up using Facebook. The default tool to display code in L a T e X is verbatimwhich generates an output in monospaced font.

Code listing — Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor Code is usually stored in a source file, therefore a command that automatically pulls code from a file becomes very handy. I prefer courier, which gives more satisfactory results:. Another possibility, that is very useful if you created a program on several files and you are still editing it, is to import the code from the source itself. We set the default style to be customc.

In this example, we create one command to ease source code inclusion. Contents 1 Introduction 2 The verbatim environment 3 Using lsttlisting to highlight code 4 Importing code from a file 5 Code styles and colours 6 Captions and the list of Listings 7 Reference guide 7. By default, listings does not support multi-byte encoding for source code. The above works just fine but in lstlistint code block thy are some line numbers appearing and I would like to get ride of those. The package xcolor also works for this.

I wish to insert a R code chunk in a LaTeX document. Email Required, but never shown. Most Related.


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Dairan Sign up using Email and Password. You can modify several parameters that will affect how the code is shown. Do you have any solutions? Agreed, Courier is not nice. The listings package supports highlighting of all the most common languages and it is highly customizable.





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