Mara Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. AJ rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Maria Rodriguez rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Irene Adarve rated it dures was ok Apr 01, Melissa rated it it was ok Feb 27, Herbert rated it liked it Oct 30, She chose to take a path that took her to the most unbelievable of experiences. Leobitw rated it liked it Aug 16, Very few writers are as skillful as her. Kindle Edition70 pages.

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All of the great works came out of France, e. Now we have another to add to the list. This one is an exception to the rule however, for it is non fiction. She begins the book by recalling that in her childhood, her father beat her for the slightest indiscretions. This would lead her to the realization that Quote: Not having the nature of an Amazon, not knowing how to oppose violence with cruelty, I learnt to dominate those who used me by making the offering of my submission both mystical and ambiguous.

At the age of 20, and still a virgin, she begins her tutelage under her beloved master, Pierre, who indoctrinates her into the sadomasochistic lifestyle. What follows is a series of trials and her education at the hands of Pierre and several other masters and mistresses in shadowy chateaus and basement dungeons across France. Through these extremely cruel and physically draining trials, she comes to several epiphanies about herself and the world around her: Quote: The master is in a state of total dependence in relation to his slave.

The master exists and only finds his place or his justification in relation to the slave. He is in reality the slave of the slave, of her acceptance to submit to the cruelties which excite him. Quote: On the contrary, through the subtle game of relationships of strength, the slave can be the one who exerts the true power in the sadomasochistic relationship.

Tragically Duries was killed in a auto accident months after the publication of this book in at the age of All of this is documented in the afterward by Maxim Jakubowsi. Could she have kept up the extreme lifestyle that she was living at the time. What would she have written? She was working on a second book at the time of her death, entitled "The Rivals", supposedly about 2 rival submissives.

What if indeed. This edition is a very good English translation put out by Magic Carpet Books. Highly Recommended. One of the books you can love or hate. An example of the books you get trapped in right from the start or have to just anabdon. In my case, I loved it, got trapped by it. Honestly not right from the start, but near to it.

It was a dark and sad one. She was able to get pass it in a rather unique way. One that probably might be frowned upon by many. A victim who chose to think about the why but instead of going in too deep and dissect the causes, she embraced what she found about herself.

She chose to take a path that took her to the most unbelievable of experiences. Only a few select and lucky individuals had the fortune of knowing this amazing girl.

She left this world sooner than she should. What would have been of her, her Master, her writing and her life? Questions that will never be answered. Something for which we have to be thankful to her and her Master.

If you came to Fifty Shades for the titillation but stayed for the romance -- this is NOT the book for you. Picture it as a description of what Ana Steele was too "plucky" to allow herself to share with Christian.





Vanessa Duries: Todos sus libros


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