You can help by adding to it. December The Jaap Sahib is a recitation and praise of God. It includes various names of God in various languages. Understand the fact that god has no name but is called by various names by devotees based on their experience and the blessings they have obtained from him. There is only one sole religion of humans - humanity, and the worldly path that we choose to understand the natural power, our source, source of creation - is called faith only.

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God is Incorporeal and Beautiful form. Salutation to God who is respected everywhere. God is the Repository of everything. Salutation to the Destroyer of all. Salutation to the Impregnable. Salutation to the Indestructible. Salutation to God who does not require any protection. Salutation to God who belongs to all countries. Salutation to God who is present in all dresses. Salutation to the Creator of the universe.

Salutation to the Emperor of all emperors. Salutation to God who illuminates all moons. Salutation to the Love of all loves. Salutation to God under who the whole universe works. Salutation to God who can make everything to dry. Salutation to the Carnal pleasures of all. Salutation to the Victorious of all. Salutation to God who causes fear among all. Salutation to the Creator of the boundless universe. Salutation to the Incantation of all. Salutation to the Magic formula of all. Salutation to God who attracts everyone.

Salutation to the Transudatory of all colours. The Incorporeal God is the Destroyer of the trimorphic world. Salutation to the Fundamental seed of all. God remains always Untroubled and Indivisible. God gives blessings to all. God gives all the magical, spiritual and miraculous powers.

The entire universe is attached with God. God is Omniscient. God illuminates all. God is adored by all. God provides strength and energy to all. God is carnal pleasures of all. God is attached with the entire universe. God is Annihilator of all. God is sustainer of all. His origin is unknown. He is unborn, Omnipresent, and Unlimited. God is adored in the trimorphic worlds by everyone. He is all Light. His mysteries are unknown. All are originating from Him.

He is very broadminded. God is Sustainer, Destroyer, and Annihilator of all. God is Immanent, Fountain of all feelings, but Renouncer of everything.

He is immaculate. God is Fundamental Origin of all. He is Immanent and Broad minded. He is beyond death and birth and He is Unmitigated. God is beyond any country. He is Unattired, Incorporeal and has no attachment for anyone. God is Transudatory in every pore of the universe. His universal adoration is immanent. God is adorned everywhere by everyone all over the universe.

God is Unique but visible in countless forms, created by Himself. God plays the drama of the world by creating His creations and again He becomes the Unique at doomsday.

Indescribable God is beyond caste, colour and creed. God is beyond parent, caste, death and birth. God is adorned and His name is repeatedly recited all over the fourteen worlds by all. God is the First power to be worshipped. His origin is unknown but He is Creator of all. God is the creator of the whole universe; self-illuminated and He is the Maker and Breaker of the universe. God is the Treasure of Truth, He is Indubitable and beyond element.

He is Invisible and Unattired. God is Incorporeal, He is beyond colour, caste, creed and name. God annihilates all egoes, proudness, and all ill doers. He also gives salvation and fulfulls all wishes. God annihilates all egoes and proudness and He is Destroyer of all. He is Omnipresent from the pre-era and is unborn. God is Incorporeal, Indestructible and Ocean of souls and spirits. God does everything. He annihilates all.

He sustains all. He is distinguished from everyone. All the holy scriptures cannot explain the form, colour, and mark of God. The vedas and the puranas accepted that God is Transcendent from all and He is Unparalled. Innumerable simitries, puranas, and sastras are unable to explain the truth and complete knowledge of God.

God is Immanent day and night and He is indestructible. God is transcendental Emperor of all the emperors. God is the transcendent Sun of all suns. God is worshipped by all the gods. God is the Greatest of the great. God is also existing amond the inconsiderables. God annihilates death. God is immeasurable. God is the Ocean of numerous virtues and He is broadminded.

God is Intrepid and Undesirous. The blazing light of God is unbearable. God is Immeasurable. God is all Beauty. God cannot be punished by anybody. He is the Giver of salvation. He is Liberator and Inestimable. He is beyond name and sensual desire. God is the Destroyer of the universe from all sides. God is the Donor of the universe from all sides.

God knows everything of the universe from all sides. God sustains the whole universe from all side.


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Jaap Sahib



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