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Samugar Vibration at work — vibrations on the workplace — measurement and survey This thesis presents a thorough study of —1 printed sinuous antenna and its characterisation as a feed for re ector antenna applications. Ciuncanu, The influence of the excitation signal form on the evaluation of the damping characterics of the elestomeric antiseismic isolators, Bucuresti, SISOM mai Elucidating how the recalcitrant nature of lignocellulosic Probabilistic risk assessment has the advantage that the statistical distributions of both the exposure data jso and the adverse effect data set are taken into account in risk characterization. Isso this paper, a simplified computational method for the estimation of the ORP was developed. The EU limits are a political compromise, exposure below the action value can still be harmful! Nicolae Herisanu and Vasile Marinca.

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Muhn Vibration at work This paper analyses the use and possible application of the concept of the maintenance free operating period MFOPderived from the aviation sector, in the mining industry.

Structural optimization is becoming an integral part of the modern structural design process in the search to yield more economical structures.

Much attention was allocated to estimate the axial capacity of the traditional ieo sections to the detriment of Alexandru, Analysis of the dynamic behavior of the antiseismic ixo isolators based on the evaluation of the internal dissipated energy, Applied Mechanics and Materials,pp. Noise, Vibration and Harshness NVH is the study and modification of the noise and vibration characteristics of vehicles, particularly cars and trucks.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Typical high risk activities are working on ground moving machines or driving a forklift on damaged or poorly maintained surfaces. Analysis of the Human Health and Safety Requirements to Vibration Generated Risks The evaluation of the level of exposure to vibrations is based on the computation of the daily exposure, expressed over a period of eight hours.

Two iao erent techniques are used in this study, namely a Praisach, Modal identification and damage detection in beam-like structures using the power spectrum and time-frequency analysis, Signal Processing, 96 Part App.

We get the simplified formula, calculate and discuss Cu contaminated soil remediation target value in specific parameters to provide reference and basis for the remediation of Cu contaminated soil. Murzea, Analysis of the behavior of large-span structures in the case of ambient vibrations considering the variety of motion jso, Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, 10 1pp. Columns have traditionally been constructed of reinforced concrete or structural steel. Low back pain is a common problem arising from high exposure to whole body vibration.

Hand arm vibration Long exposure to hand arm vibrations can lead to loss of control of the fingers and hand, and eventually to damage of nerves in the hands. Applied Mechanics and Materials Volume The results point out that both EDa and EDc have effects on recommended target of soil remediation, and general, exposure duration and recommended target soil isk vary inversely.

Based on the lso from SR ISO the evaluation of the vibrations for health, comfort, and perception are presented as experimental results. Daily exposure action value: For noise, it was measured at the driver cabin and rear cabin of the vehicles. This paper describes the model of heavy metal-Cu contaminated soil remediation standard value based on risk assessment. Now showing items of Use filters to refine the search results.

This paper discusses the changes from 7. Reset Add New Filter Apply. The ORF can also be obtained from an inversed cumulative probability plot of —1 exposure curve, thus eliminating the needs for the use of the exposure exceedence curve and the integration of the exceedence curve in ORP computation.

The project aim was to identify the preferable solution that can improve the NVH parameters of the vehicles in accordance to the standard and test protocols. The subject of this report is the application of an engine management system to a small spark ignition engine, together with the installation of this engine to an existing small engine test bench.

From the results, the HAV value for driver during idle speed was found to be than the others velocity. Standards for measurement and survey Survey at the workplace should be conduced using: Probabilistic risk assessment has the advantage that the statistical distributions of both the exposure data set and the adverse data set are taken into account in risk characterization.

Bratu, Physical instability and functional uncertainties of the dynamic ixo in resonance, Applied Mechanics and Materials,pp. The vibration parameters studied are hand arm vibration HAVfocussing on vibration on the steering wheels of the vehicle, and whole body vibration WBVfocussing on vibration on the seats.


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