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Voodoozahn In particular, in Functional Analysis, the study of multilinear forms and polynomials has been growing in the last decades. Later, as a corollary of Theorem 3 from [BST], it was obtained that the optimal K n with such property, for complex Banach spaces, is n n. These constants have been studied by several authors. Mis padres, por su constante apoyo durante mis estudios. We are interested in inequalities similar to 1.

Now we are ready to state our method to obtain lower estimates of c x. These sets of linear functions may not be the ones that give equality desigualdadee. In the final section we study these problems for the finite dimensional spaces l d Cand give some estimates for its nth polarization constants.

En nuestro caso la familia de funciones van a ser los polinomios de grado k en un espacio de Banach finito dimensional y V va a ser la bola unidad del espacio. To add the widget to iGoogle, click here. The authors found its exact value and proved that, when the dimension d is large, the order of this constant is d. K We need the following auxiliary lemma due to A. In this chapter we study the nth polarization polijomiales, as well as the polarization constant, of finite polinomuales Banach spaces.

Dezigualdades, we provide a brief introduction to the factor problem and the plank problem, as well as some of the results already known regarding these problems. In this chapter we also study the factor problem on ultraproducts of Banach spaces.

Upper bounds For the upper bounds we will obtain a slightly better result, since we will get upper bounds for c n X rather than for c x. Aplicamos las cotas inferiores obtenidas para el producto de polinomios al estudio de este problema y obtenemos condiciones suficientes para espacios de Banach complejos. Luis Federico Leloir, available in digital. To include the widget in a wiki page, paste pooinomiales code below into the page source.

The following is the main result of this section and gives the asymptotic behaviour of the polarization constants c l d p k as d goes to infinity.

The solution to this problem was given by T. T d La medida de Mahler es una herramienta de mucha utilidad a la hora de probar desigualdades para la norma del producto de polinomios ya que es multiplicativa, y que esta cantidad puede relacionarse con la norma de un polinomio.

These concepts are closely related to other aspects of the modern theory of Banach spaces, such as local theory, operators ideals and the geometry of Banach spaces.

On the road we will find some problems. For example, the original inequality of Remez states the following. Polarization constants of l d p k spaces In this section we apply the method developed in the previous section, stated in Theorem. Given an ultraproduct of Banach spaces X i U we prove that under certain conditions the best constant for this ultraproduct is the limit of the best constants for the spaces X i.

Enable Javascript to interact with desiguzldades and submit forms on Wolfram Alpha websites. Although, as polinomiiales before, finding these linear functions is not an easy task, it seems reasonable to assume that these linear functions have to be spread out in S X.

Unfortunately, this stronger result is not necessarily valid if we choose other sets of unit functionals. The relative width of a plank is the width of the plank divided by the width of the convex body in the direction that the plank attains its width. Universidad de Buenos Aires. The factor problem consists in finding optimal lower bounds for the norm of the product of polynomials, of some prescribed degrees, using the norm of the polynomials.

Using similar ideas, we show that given a Banach space Polinomialee such that Desogualdades has the metric approximation property, then the best constant for X and X is the same. Here, the word plank stands for a set contained between two parallel hyperplanes. The factor problem is the problem of finding lower bounds for the desivualdades of the product of polynomials of some prescribed degrees.

Turett proved a sort of reverse inequality: Pollinomiales more details on the Aron-Berner extension, as well as extensions of polynomials in general, polijomiales refer the reader to the survey by I. In the proof of Proposition To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

That is, if x 1, El factor problem consiste en buscar cotas inferiores para la norma del producto de polinomios de grados previamente fijados. Daniel Carando Lugar de trabajo: In order to do this we will work with measures satisfying a not too restrictive property.

So, an alternative procedure is the following: TOP Related.


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