Among other signs of decadence, Arab ethnocentrism and colour prejudice towards blacks sometimes crept into Muslim thinking and literature as Islam spread across the known world. However, there emerged many Muslim writers who attempted to restore the purity of the Islamic faith by producing valuable works citing the virtues and achievements of black Africans Illuminating the Darkness critically addresses the issue of racial discrimination and colour prejudice in religious history. Tackling common misconceptions, the author seeks to elevate the status of blacks and North Africans in Islam. Part ll of the book consists of a compilation of short biographies of noble black and North African Muslim men and women in Islamic history including Prophets, Companions of the Prophet and more recent historical figures. The reader is given a fascinating glimpse into the lives of truly noble characters, from luminous scholars to leaders of whole African civilisations.

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He is currently working on producing a documentary about being black and Muslim in Brazil, and recently released a book about an African sexual technique triggering female ejaculation. As a sexual well-being educator, Habeeb carries out workshops on the pleasure gap between heterosexual couples. He is on a mission to close the orgasm gap and teach people how to be sexually satisfied with African erotology. By profession, Habeeb works as a tax advisor after qualifying as a chartered accountant.

Habeeb Akande is a British-born writer and historian of Nigerian descent. Fellow students at the Saturday school included singer and songwriter, Ms Dynamite, her brother, Hip-hop artist and educator, Akala, and film producer, Victor Adebodun. Later on, Habeeb completed the two-year Junior Fellowship programme at the Windsor Fellowship organisation for high-achieving Afro-Caribbean students aged 14 to 16 years old. Upon his return from Egypt, published his first book, Illuminating the Darkness, about the history of racial discrimination and colour prejudice in Muslim communities.

A chartered accountant by profession, Habeeb has also set up an independent publishing company, where he has published five books on Afro-Brazilian history, erotology, race-relations and Islam. Not afraid to tackle controversial subjects, some of the topics Habeeb has addressed in his works include; the issue of womanising, sexual tourism and anti-black racism from a male perspective.

A confident public speaker, Habeeb has given a number of lectures and presentations at prominent universities in the UK, France, Nigeria and Brazil. A published author books on erotic Muslim literature, African sexual technique triggering squirting, and Arab erotology, Habeeb is passionate about female pleasure and raising awareness of sacred sensual texts.

For more than ten years, he has been investigating ancient sexual practices, the art of lovemaking, and female sexuality in Islam. This project is an attempt to bridge gaps of understanding, particularly aimed at those who may not have the opportunity or may be reluctant to strike up a conversation with a Muslim stranger, through sharing the stories and experiences of Muslims in London and beyond.

I believe if we take the time to listen, we often find that we have far more in common than the media would have us believe. He is currently producing a documentary about race, religion and sexism in Brazil.

Saturday 17 August in Cardiff, Wales. Culture is Food. Culture is Language. Culture is Music and Dance. Culture is Relationships. Culture is Join us for a discussion round with Habeeb Akande before the screening of Sacred Water , a film about the traditional practice of Kunyaza female pleasure in Rwanda.

Get ready to learn more about erotology in Muslim and African cultures and how heritage and intimacy play an important part in African societies.

Discover the secret of Kunyaza, explore culture, Watch Africa! Habeeb Akande is a writer and historian of Nigerian descent. He is the author of six published books on race, erotic Muslim literature, and Afro-Brazilian history. Click here for tickets The Mandingo Way podcast on Soundcloud TheMandingoWay podcast is honest grown men talking about women, relationships and life from a male perspective.

Discussing topics such as womanising, interracial dating, travelling, the art of oral pleasure, and much more. Perhaps this book can help to erase some of the unfortunate misconceptions about blackness and those of African descent that have been in many cases exacerbated by racist thinking. The figures mentioned in this work were all inspired by the Islamic faith which was the catalyst for their triumphs and success. Today it has more than 9, Members and Associates writing in all areas of the profession from novelists to doctors, textbook writers to ghost writers, broadcasters to academics, illustrators to translators.

Check out the facebook page: Akande also plans to pen some more books on erotology, history and financial empowerment in the future. Kunyaza is a sexual technique dedicated to female pleasure, which has the reputation of facilitating female ejaculation and multiple orgasms during heterosexual encounters. The technique originates from the Great Lakes region of Rwanda, east Africa, but is also practised in Uganda and Kenya, where it is known as kachabali.

According to legend, kunyaza dates back to the third dynasty rule of the Rwandan monarchy, when the queen demanded a royal guard to make love to her whilst the king was away on a military campaign. The guard acquiesced and became so anxious about the possible repercussions that his body trembled uncontrollably.

Since then, the tradition has evolved over time across various east and central African countries, incorporating different lovemaking positions, herbal aphrodisiacs, and the controversial practice of labia pulling to enhance sexual pleasure. Drawing on extensive research from sexologists and ssengas female sex educators , this book provides an intimate and illustrated guide to kunyaza — the secret to female pleasure.


Illuminating the Darkness by Habeeb Akande








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