See the end of the chapter for notes. Chapter Text Draco stood by the window in the sitting room, watching as a cold sunrise lightened the grey sky slowly. The snow was thick but no longer falling. He had lost track of how many cups of tea he had drunk that night and he had soot on his face and in his hair from the numerous Floo calls.

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Several people gasped, and as he focused on the blurry faces surrounding him, he saw several Weasleys, Ron being the nearest one to him, Hermione, Remus and Tonks. They were all standing around his bed, staring at him with wide eyes. They looked confused, but then Hermione seemed to understand. Ron helped him. Fred and George moved aside a bit so that Harry could see past them. He heaved a relieved sigh and fell back, closing his eyes, only for them to spring open a second later.

What happened? He needs me! Harry nodded. Draco needs me! Mrs Weasley walked over with Valen, who was wrapped in a baby blanket now, and handed him to Harry very carefully. Valen was less loud but still crying, thrashing about and making little sucking noises. Harry laid Valen on his lap very gently and reached to take his shirt off, not caring a single bit that the room was full of people.

Ron helped him as he struggled, looking confused. As soon as the shirt was off, Harry picked Valen back up and placed him at a nipple, pleased when Valen stopped crying. Everyone was staring at him with wide eyes and mouths hanging open.

Tonks was the first one to recover. Do you know where they took you? What kind of place? There was Muggle light. It was nearly time for me to enter him when I left! Harry bit his lip. Probably not that far. Tonks and Remus exchanged a glance and she Apparated out of the room. Remus looked at Harry. He thought that some of them might be used as Death Eater hideouts. Hermione cleared her throat. Harry gasped quietly and nodded.

Hermione bit her lip, looking at Harry like she was hoping what she had just done was for the best. Get them! Hermione sighed very quietly and nodded before Disapperating. She appeared a few moments later, hands full of potion vials. Hermione examined the first vial and then pulled the stopper off, handing it to Harry. Holding Valen to his nipple still with one arm, Harry took the potion from Hermione and tipped it back quickly, only grimacing slightly at the taste.

Hermione handed him the next and he took that one too, the taste and smell even stronger, but as he took the potions one by one, he did start to slowly feel a bit better, more awake, his middle not hurting as much. He was still sore, of course he was, but not as sore. Remus watched and frowned.

Hermione looked at the labels again of the ones Harry had already taken. Mrs Weasley frowned at him. Tonks popped back into the room with an armload of papers and spread them out on one side of the bed. Remus was looking over them with her. That should tell us when we find it. Bill, George, Fred, Ron, Tonks - get your brooms. I will copy out the addresses and draw up maps for checking.

Harry scowled and then Valen picked that moment to suck harder and Harry looked down at him and sighed. Remus coordinated their plan and within the hour, they were all back with their reports.

They found a small isolated house that was supposed to be unoccupied but which had strong wards placed around it. Harry shook his head no. Tonks came back into the room. Tonks nodded. She turned to Harry, crossing her arms across her chest. Harry raised eyebrows at her for an answer.

But, Harry, wait for the rest of us to get there. He got to his feet, hiding the discomfort. Valen squirmed a little in his arms and he smiled softly down at him. His heart hurt as he turned to Mrs Weasley to hand him over.

Her eyes were filled with tears as she took him. Harry stared at Valen for a moment before taking a deep breath and turning to the group of people going with him. The others trooped out again and were on their way. Harry simply frowned and took his arm. Bill sighed and with a crack, they were gone. They moved close to the outside wall of the house and waited, listening for any noises, wands drawn. Harry grew more and more anxious and frightened as time passed. Tonks landed behind the tree line and crept toward the house, signalling the others to do the same.

Harry turned his head quickly. They all gathered together where Harry and Bill were standing. Tonks frowned, looking at Harry. Everyone looked at him like he was mad. I need Draco. I need these wards to come down so that I can get to him. I need the wards to come down. I need them to come down. Please, I need them to come down. Please let them come down.

And as Harry chanted these things in his head, he could feel the magic working to comply. Please come down. Come down. He opened his eyes, knowing, without really knowing, that it had worked.

Tonks was watching him. He was amazed with himself even. Bill, George, and Fred, you take the front. Ron, Remus, Harry and I will go in through the back. Ron moved in very close to Harry, wand at the ready. He tossed his broom off to the side and nodded firmly. Harry gave him a single proud nod and held his wand in front of him as well.

He led the small group with him to the back door, not knowing what to expect. The door was unguarded enough to be opened with a simple Alohomora and he pushed it open, stepping in quickly to what looked like the kitchen of the place.

It was empty of any furniture or appliances and also empty of anyone. Tonks made her way to the doorway of the hall and looked around.

She saw the others coming through the living room. She nodded to them. No one was visible in the hall either. Fred and George moved silently through the house and pressed their backs to the wall. They made their way to the first door in the hall, which was an empty bedroom.

Harry held his breath, watching them. Ron stood slightly in front of him, as if trying to block him from view without Harry noticing.

Tonks looked into another door, seeing an empty bathroom. Remus followed Tonks and had made it to the first door on the other side of the hall. It was closed.



See the end of the chapter for notes. Chapter Text Draco Apparated them to their bedroom. He enjoyed the familiarity he now had with the others, but he still liked being alone with Harry. Draco led him over to their sitting room sofa and flicked his wand to raise the flames. Harry smiled and lay down on the couch, opening his arms for Draco to lay in them. Draco shook his head.


See the end of the chapter for notes. Chapter Text Draco checked in on everyone, finding most of the guests sitting down to lunch. Mr Weasley was in the sitting room, making a Floo call to the Ministry, so Draco waited in the hall for Harry. Harry saw Draco and headed over to him. There were several people in the room when Harry and Draco entered. He saw that Hermione and her mother were at the table. While they both looked subdued and miserable, at least they were there.

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