August 2, at PM Perhaps this is it? This is what the clay must do; but what must the potter do? The potter takes the clay thus abandoned to his working, and begins to mould and fashion it according to his own will. He kneads and works it; he tears it apart and presses it together again; he wets it and then suffers it to dry.

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Early years[ edit ] Born in Philadelphia , Smith was from a long line of prominent and influential Quakers in New Jersey. Her most famous ancestor was Ann Cooper Whitall. The Smiths settled in Germantown, Pennsylvania. They disassociated themselves somewhat from the Quakers in after a conversion experience, [1] but Mrs.

Smith continued to believe a great deal of Quaker doctrine and gloried in her Quaker background and practices. Out of influence from the Wesleyan doctrine of sanctification , and in accordance with Quaker teaching and influences from spiritualism, Mrs.

Smith and her husband formulated and promulgated the Keswick theology. From — they spoke at various places in England , including Oxford , teaching on the subjects of the "higher life" and "holiness," after a foundational meeting at the Broadlands Conference sponsored by the spiritualists Lord and Lady Mount-Temple. That same year the Smiths traveled to the German Empire and Switzerland , where they preached in several major cities. In , they returned to England and conducted meetings in Brighton.

Due to a sexual scandal involving Robert, their visit to England came to an abrupt halt. They eventually divorced, and Mary then married the critic Bernard Berenson.

Logan Pearsall Smith became an essayist and critic. Her niece, Martha Carey Thomas was the first female dean of any college in America and an active Suffragist.

Hannah Whitall Smith died in England in Many publications of that book omit the three chapters which explain how she became a Christian universalist.

The title barely hints at the depths of that perceptive book. It is no shallow "four easy steps to successful living. Then she carefully reveals the difficulties to this way and finally charts the results of a life abandoned to God. It is best summed up by her chapter entitled "The Joy of Obedience. Without obedience joy is hollow and artificial.

Celebration Of Discipline, p.


Hannah Whitall Smith Quotes

He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defense; I shall not be moved. In God is my salvation, and my glory: the rock of my strength and my refuge is in God. This is the lesson that all His dealings with us are meant to teach; and this is the crowning discovery of our whole Christian life. God is enough!


The God of All Comfort

Our dwelling place is the place where we live, and not the place we merely visit. It is our home. All the interests of our earthly lives are bound up in our home; and we do all we can to make them attractive and comfortable. But our souls need a comfortable dwelling place even more than our bodies; inward comfort, as we all know, is of far greater importance than outward; and, where the soul is full of peace and joy, outward surroundings are of comparatively little account. It is of vital importance, then, that we should find out definitely where our souls are living. The Lord declares that He has been our dwelling place in all generations, but the question is, Are we living in our dwelling place?

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