The advantages of this Modular System have been demonstrated by several , modules sold. The unexcelled price-performance ratio and the enormous flexibility of the plug-in system allow you to adapt your measurement setups quickly and cost effectively to changing requirements. You save space by stacking up to 5 instruments. This will offer you 10 instruments in a minimum of space.

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Tule Safety Every module is manufactured and tested for use only with the mainframe HM according to lEC Part 1 and la Safety requirements for electronic test and measurement equipment.

The specified adjustment sequence should be strictly observed. If any measurement or calibration procedures are unavoidable on the opened-up instrument, these must only be carried out by qualified personnel acquainted with the danger involved. Adjust 0 until the connected frequency counter indicates the value of the selected range 1 kHz, 10 kHz etc. Sending feedback, please wait Electronic Parts List Ref. The trig- ger output is short-circuit-proof and can drive several TTL inputs.

Do not appiy any DC voltage to the out- put socket. Adjust 0 for minimum overshoot or rounding, respec- tively, of the rising edge. This voltage is also available in DC mode. Select a screen height of 6 divisions. Please supply name and department, address and telephone number to ensure rapid service. They can be used separately.

H 68, D mm Weight: Stability of the output amplitude Setting: The instrument should be returned in its original packaging for maximum protection. When the knob is in CAL. We regret that transportation damage due to poor packaging is not covered by this warranty. Please enter a message. Intentional interruption is prohibited. First-time operation of the module Provided that all hints given in the operating instructions of the HM Mainframe were followed — especially for the selection of the correct mains voltage — start of operation consists practically of inserting the module into the right or left hsmeg of the mainframe.

Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. To obtain the normal operating temperature, the mainframe with inserted module should be turned on at least 30 minutes before starting the test.

Grease stains can be removed with suita- ble spirit. Connect the distortion meter to TP1. Subject to charge without notice M3 — 2 Operation Function selection The type of output signal is selected with the function selection switch A total number of 3 different wave- forms — sine, square and triangle — are available.

Before exchanging the module, the mainframe must be switched off. HAMEG is not liable for consequential dam- ages. If the trigger output is loaded with 50 ohms, the value falls far below the TTL level. Its low frequency ranges are particularly well suited for simulating mechanical and servo techniques. F — Distortion adjustment Setting: Use a 50 ohms through-termination. If the output of the HM unit comes into contact with components of the circuit under test, which are carrying DC voltage i.

Trigger output In the sine, square and triangle modes, the trigger out- put 0 supplies a square signal in synchronism with the output signal. HAMEG will repair or replace products, which prove to be defective during the warranty period.

Output amplitude and signal connection Adaptation in decade steps to the desired amplitude range is performed by the use of two attenuators with — 20dB each, which are activated by pushbuttons. Alternatively adjust 0 and 0, until the minimum value is obtained. This file is downloadable free of charge: These free programs can be found on this page: If you want to join us and get repairing help please sign in or sign up by completing a simple electrical test or write your question to the Message board without registration.

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