Voodoomi Your first comment was a sarcastic shitpost about the dangers of cutting fruit over using nunchucks, something that anyone with a brain e. When you buy from Fl I would say take the same thoughts about freetyle heavy flail. Freestyle nunchaku We would like to invite all nunchaku artist around the world, to come and celebrate with us, by welcoming the year with an online nunchaku tournament aura. Tricking and Kicking by Maxeyejoe December 19, Freestyle Nunchaku Forum has been organizing a feestyle online event as a dedication to our art. Submit a new text post. So far 44 years of practice no broken teeth.

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Numerous time Master Lee and KVG have commented on the unprecedented amount of control you have when swinging these chucks, and after owning a pair for a couple of weeks now I have to concur. They go where you want them to. When I first picked them up I had a bit of trouble with the handrolls , and I still do from time to time.

I have to be more mindful of my hand placement when doing the rolls especially horizontals. That being said though, for some reason I find doing the rolls easier with these guys then a 3 link pair of speed chucks like go shikata or something lol. Go figure The aerials are almost always super smooth. They always turn out nice. They are pretty light, but they feel heavier then say my rattan chucks, which places them at a pretty good weight. They are crafted very well and the cords seem very nice.

Ive dropped them on a hard surface numerous times with nothing to show for it. To me it always feels like there is a constant tension in the string - so take that as you will. I know some concern has been noted on passes and the length of the cord.

I havent had any trouble completing any passes I can currently do. Finger rolls are fun because the sticks are thin lol. Sometimes when spinning , the "spin" feels a little forced, but this is something I find I feel when using any corded chucks. I can just feel it a little more with these since the cord is shorter. In the future when I start practicing more with doubles I might use these exclusively.

What can i say lol. When I go out to practice weapons, I usually spend some time with singles on multiple pairs of my chucks, starting to incorporate some double, then I spend a little time with other weapons. I will definitely be working these into my rotation.

They take a little getting used to because of the weight difference, and the cord length, but the control is unmatched. Striking with Prochux is unbelievable, they are fast and durable, and you can go full force on every swing without worrying about kickback. Using the last 2inchs of the chuks you can deliver at least several strikes a second. They are the first chuks Ive had to tear an Everlast "never tear" bag.

Ive been able to adjust pretty well for freestyle also. Keep in mind Ive been using chained chuks with 7 links for over 15 years so its quite the transition. Everyone needs to atleast try a pair out, I know everybody will enjoy them. I highly recommend them. External Links.


Freestyle Nunchaku

Main article: Freestyle nunchaku Freestyle nunchaku refers to the use of the nunchaku in an artistic and visually impressive, rather than combative, way. For its part, Taekwondo teaches how to use one and two nunchaku, though in Korean, they are known as Ssahng Jeol Bahngs, or sometimes Ssahng Jeol Bongs. The styles of these three arts are rather different; the traditional Okinawan arts use the sticks primarily to grip and lock, while the Filipino arts use the sticks primarily for striking, while Taekwondo teaches a little bit of both. Combat Edit Although it may cause injury to an inexperienced user, the nunchaku is purported to be a very effective close-range weapon by its proponents. Somewhat difficult to control, the cord or chain link of the nunchaku adds the benefit of striking from unexpected angles. In addition, the reach of the nunchaku is often underestimated, even by those experienced with its use.



The use of two nunchaku One risk element with one nunchaku One risk element with two nunchaku Unique nunchaku techniques The use of the entire competition field Budo spirit Time span of the freestyle Underground freestyle tournaments and battles[ edit ] The general interest in freestyle nunchaku has, concurrently with the increasing possibilities of sharing skills and techniques that online video sharing communities such provide, expanded to the point where a freestyle nunchaku movement autonomous from the World Nunchaku Organization has formed. The Freestyle Nunchaku Forum see above holds tournaments that all members can participate in. These tournaments are held by participants submitting videos that adhere certain rules which are relaxed, such as length of video and whether other weapons freestyle can be used. When all of the videos are in, members of the forum can vote on who they think is better.


Freestyle nunchaku



Freestyle Nunchaku Oyama Karate


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