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Start your review of Vindicated Fall of Angels, 3 Write a review Jan 12, Saiokuo rated it did not like it I hate this series almost too much to joke about. I am pleased that my first book series of the year has taken the initiative and already found me my most unlikable protagonist of In the first book Jessica was pretty sympathetic, what with not being able to sleep without literal torture.

Then came the second book and I hate this series almost too much to joke about. Then came the second book and every shred of sympathy or likability was stripped away at lightning speed as she spent the entire book moaning about not getting married. Way to repay his sacrifice. And speaking of Alex I spent the first book expecting him to be an angel because of how inhumanly perfect he seemed.

So our characters are unlikable and too inhuman to relate to. Is the world building good? What do the angels base their code of morals on? There is no God present and in the bible it is only God who can judge so we must assume that this is removed from Christianity. So then why are their weird rules against things like prostitution? Who gets to decide what is morally good and bad?

Which leads me to my biggest problem with this series This series hit my rage button. And by "hit" I really mean "played a drum solo on it". This series and by proxy I must assume author makes it abundantly clear that they consider committing suicide to be a guaranteed trip to hell.

This is compounded by the fact that the protagonist views being sent to a mental institute as the worst conceivable crime a mother could commit to her child. Allow me to add some context.

Imagine you are a mother. At age 5 your daughter nearly dies from a sickness and shortly after begins having nightmares every night in which she says angels are judging and condemning her over and over. Over the course of 11 years you try many things to help your child but at age 16 she is still having the nightmares and has largely stopped sleeping.

In a desperate attempt to do anything to help your child you decide maybe sending her to a place where she can get 24 hour treatment from professionals is a good idea. So yeah, to keep the rest of this rant short, the series was bad but the disgusting views on mental health pushed it into irredeemable territory. Oh and the ending was a bullshit cop out.


Fall of Angels: The Complete Trilogy

Shelves: angel-books Basic premise: continuation of the first book. Alex is now an angel. Cole is gone What I liked: - Cole. I like that he was pretty


Fall of Angels Series





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