AFI Audit File Inquiry This option allows you to inquire on details of modifications made to the tables in the Finacle database, in which information on transactions and operations on accounts is stored. AFINQU Audit File Inquiry This option allows you to inquire on details of modifications made to the tables in the Finacle database, in which information on transactions and operations on accounts is stored. AFP Audit File Print This option allows you to generate a report of modifications made to the tables in the Finacle database, in which information on transactions and operations on accounts is stored. AFPU This option allows you to purge audit records. AFSM Account Freeze Status Maintenance This option allows you to freeze or unfreeze all accounts of a customer, change the freeze reason code and the freeze code of accounts that have already been frozen using this option.

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This complete web-enabled solution is a centralized, multi-currency, multi-lingual,functionally Rich solution that addresses the retail and corporate banking requirements. Anywhere, AnytimeBanking is possible through Finacle. Centralised Database:The data of all the branches covered under the project willbestored at one place called Data Centre.

In effect, it means that all the operations atthe connected branches shall take place at one place i. Enhanced Security features can be implemented as Server is located at one placeandaccess control can be effectively managed on need to know basis. Many of the back office functions will be handled at Data Centre only.

Effective MIS: As the data of all connected branches shall be located at oneCentralisedlocation, the MIS information can be extracted without the same beingprovided by branches. This Software is functionally rich and caters to almost all the facets of banking. The following screen will appear: The userId and password are case sensitive.

Upon successful login, the followingscreen will appear: 5 Punjab National Bank— Finacle The minimum requirements for the password should be : 1. Minimum 7 characters long 2. Maximum 17 Characters long 3. The password should necessarily have any three of the following types: I.

At least one Special Character. This new password should not be any of the previous 18 passwords. This password can be changed only after 28 days.

This new password will expire after 60 days. The user has to log out of the system and then login to the application with the newpassword. The system displays the logged in user id on the right hand top corner. It also displaysbrief details of the Password expiry, last login information of the user. All the login related validations happen in SSO. Single Sign on SSO framework enables application users of Finacle suite of products Finacle Core and CRM to log in once and get authenticated to each application forwhich the user has the valid user id and access permissions.

SSO being an authentication framework that works with unique user ID, would use onlyone schema and database even when each Finacle solution integrated in SSO couldwork with multiple schemas. This enables the user to define the privileges available to the user with the specifiedRole. The tabs available within Administration tab are dependent on thesepermissions.

To get access to a specific tab at least one of the functions within eachprocess should have been checked. Maximum is minutes. This is forspecifying the idle time after which the user is automatically logged out of the system. When the user clicks theLogout button, then the system logs out of the core application.

If the user wants to logout of SSO Login then the user has to click on to the logout icon on the top. The Background MenuClick on the Background button on the top of the bar. The Background Menu as shownin the Screen below will be displayed. This work class is also associated with eachof the menu option available in the application.

Since this work class is associated bothwith the user and the menu, access rights for a particular person or category of personscan be decided using this feature. Different persons in the same category can beassigned with different responsibilities with reference to the application by assigningdifferent work class. All the possible roles e. Access to the scheme types, schemecodes, GL sub head codes are specified here and also the images and currencies towhich these roles should have access are specified.

This is defined through the menuoption HRPM. CAPTIVEThe user with a captive status can access the data belonging to any service outlet butcan put throughhis transactions on the accounts belonging to the SOL to which he isattached to.

Accessing all menu options depends onwhether the menu is free or not. Work class like Manager, Clerk, Officer etc.

This user id is created using SSO Admin. User can have the list of frequently usedmenu options in the favourites. Finacle is a customer centric solution. All products and services offered in Finacle arebuilt around the customer. The Customer Information File where all the informationabout the customer is stored. The datarelating to these should have access through various backend.

So, instead of capturingthe information in multiple back end systems, it is maintained at a common CIFdatabase in Customer Relationship Management module and linkage is provided to allthe required back end systems.

This gives a global flavour to conduct business transactions acrossgeographies, systems, channels, products, at all times. On creation of the CIF ID,the customers can perform banking transactions such as depositing money, availingloan, credit or debit card or any other product of the bank. The CIF system helps thebank to know the details of the individuals with whom they maintain certain relationship.

The customers, based on whether they are individuals or business are referred to aseither Retail or Corporates. Retail — The individuals or persons who form parclientele. Everyindividual retail and business corporate customer bears a unique identity signified as 17 Punjab National Bank— Finacle However, all these may belong to the same corporate group. It is a unique ID generated by the system based on an inbuilt logic. Modified —Bank can modify the details of CIF.

Inquired —Bank can inquire about CIF. Suspended —Bank can disable CIF from creating any new relationship. Dedup —It is required for checking the duplicate CIF entities in the system.

Transferred —Transfers the ownership and the new owner can further assign or transfer. Assigned —Assignee gets the right only to carry out the activities on behalf of the owner. This feature also helps assign and transfer entity records. The user canselect the appropriate process from the listing 20 Punjab National Bank— Finacle The full name gets automatically filled with first character of customer first name, firstcharacter of the middle name and all the characters of last name.

Once the user clicks OK to proceed, the CIF approval process selection page pops up,The user has to click on the save process selection button to move ahead for furtheractivity. Once it is done the CIF will move to the group tray for approval from where theauthorised person can take it to the self-tray and approve. The entity queue can be viewed in the Group Tray. This is done by another user who will check. Tray Type —Business Centre Group 2.

Entity Type —Customer 3. Group —General Banking 4. Select BusinessCentre. Click on Submit. A Customer Details list will appear. Now the Entity has been successfully moved to Self-Tray. Tray Type —Self 2. Action —Submitted 4. For Approval, Click on Submit. Hence there is no need to enter theidentification details, contact details, household and group details through different tabs.

However, if the userneeds to capture multiple currencies or multiple addresses and other details of thecustomer, it has to be entered through the Edit Customer function subsequently. Hence there is no need to enter theidentification details, contact details and group details through separate tabs. However, if the user needs tocapture multiple currencies or multiple addresses and other details of the customer, it 22 Punjab National Bank— Finacle The Corporate Name field has a limit of characters.

Short name is used forsearching the customers in Finacle Core application. The incorporation date representsthe date on which the entity represented by the corporate CIF has been formed. Details like address, contact details; group id etc. Inthese scenarios the CIFEdit menu will come into picture for doing the necessary action.

The navigation for both retail as well as corporate is similar in nature. CIF coreintegration requires verification. And the verification is to be done using the same menuHCCFM by another user who has necessary verifying powers.

People who have defaulted, cheque bouncecases on a regular basis can be treated as negative customers. The relationship details include the master information of the CIFentity,accounts held in various back end system, opportunities and incidents logged forthe selected entity. Non security items are items like furniture, fixtures, stationary items other thansecurity items etc.

Inventory Class: In CBS software, each inventory item is identified by theinventoryitem code defined for it. The system allows defining of major classification of inventoryitem called as Inventory Class. For e. Can be created using HIIM menu.





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