Ich sah nach der Uhr. Es war noch vor acht. Um diese Zeit kamen immer schon ein paar Wagen vorbei, die tanken wollten. Ich blieb stehen und lauschte. In dem halbdunklen Raum taumelte ein Gespenst umher.

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On 31 July he was wounded by shell shrapnel in the left leg, right arm and neck, and after being medically evacuated from the field was repatriated to an army hospital in Germany where he spent the rest of the war recovering from his wounds, before being demobilized from the army.

On 20 November he applied for leave of absence from teaching. Remarque worked at a number of different jobs in this phase of his life, including librarian, businessman, journalist, and editor. His first paid writing job was as a technical writer for the Continental Rubber Company , a German tire manufacturer. Among them were essays, poems, and the beginnings of a novel that was finished later and published in as The Dream Room Die Traumbude.

When he published All Quiet on the Western Front, he had his surname reverted to an earlier spelling — from Remark to Remarque — to dissociate himself from his novel Die Traumbude. It was serialised in the sports journal Sport im Bild for which Remarque was working. It was first published in book form in Remarque was at first unable to find a publisher for it.

On publication it became an international bestseller and a landmark work in 20th Century literature. It inspired a new genre of veterans writing about conflict, and the commercial publication of a wide variety of war memoirs.

It also inspired dramatic representations of the war in theatre and cinema, in Germany as well as in countries that had fought in the conflict against the German Empire , particularly the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Riding on the tail of the success of All Quiet on the Western Front, a number of similar works followed from Remarque. In simple, emotive language, they described wartime and the postwar years in Germany.

He planned to live both there and in France. Copies were removed from all libraries and restricted from being sold or published anywhere in the country.

Germany was rapidly descending into a totalitarian society, leading to mass arrests of elements of the population that the new governing order disapproved of.

Remarque left Germany to live at his villa in Switzerland. They continued to decry his writings in his absence, proclaiming that anyone who would change the spelling of his name from the German "Remark" to the French "Remarque" could not be a true German.

In he and his ex-wife were remarried to prevent her repatriation to Germany. His next novel, Three Comrades Drei Kameraden , spans the years of the Weimar Republic , from the hyperinflation of to the end of the decade. He spent another year revising the text for its book publication in , both in English and German. His next work, the novel Arch of Triumph , was first published in in English, and the next year in German as Arc de Triomphe. Another instant bestseller, it reached worldwide sales of nearly five million.

His final novel was Shadows in Paradise. The apartment building "played a prominent role in his novel". Court President Roland Freisler declared, "Ihr Bruder ist uns leider entwischt—Sie aber werden uns nicht entwischen" "Your brother is unfortunately beyond our reach — you, however, will not escape us". Scholz was beheaded on 16 December The dedication was omitted in the German version of the book, reportedly because he was still seen as a traitor by some Germans.

There was a gap of seven years — a long silence for Remarque — between Arch of Triumph and his next work, Spark of Life Der Funke Leben , which appeared both in German and in English in Remarque made a cameo appearance in the film in the role of the Professor.

An English translation was published in Heaven Has No Favorites was serialised as Borrowed Life in before appearing as a book in and was made into the film Bobby Deerfield. The novel sold some , copies in Germany.

Remarque and Zambona divorced in , but in they fled together to Switzerland. Ilse Remarque died on 25 June


Drei Kameraden

Ihre neue Lebenseinstellung nach dem Krieg und insbesondere der Alkohol hilft ihnen dabei. Ihre Liebe ist intensiv und schon bald wird Pat in den Kreis der drei Kameraden aufgenommen. Die Betriebsamen triumphierten. Die Korruption. Das Elend. Nur noch die kleinen Lampen mit den Pergamentschirmen aus alten Landkarten brannten.


Erich Maria Remarque

Remarque wrote the novel in exile and it was first published in Dutch translation as Drei kameraden, with English translation following soon in Good Housekeeping from January to March and in the book form in the same year. First German language edition was published in by exile publisher Querido in Amsterdam, but the novel was published in Germany only in The novel starts in the seedy milieu of bars where prostitutes mingle with the hopeless flotsam that the war left behind. While Robert and his friends manage to make a living dealing cars and driving an old taxi, economic survival in the city is getting harder by the day.



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