I thank God, who led me to and through this story. I also thank Barbara Markowitz for her continued support and kindness. Thank you to John Rudolph for his editorial skill and for sharing my vision. Finally, thank you to Nancy Paulsen and everyone at Putnam for allowing me the freedom to write about a difficult subject. Life is precious.

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Emako Blue is realistic fiction, and is very indeed realistic. Emako Blue is about a beautiful, young, good-hearted girl named Emako. She lived in South Central Los Angeles, the bad side. All of these teenagers Emako shows young teenage girls that no matter what you go through or even where you live has nothing to do with your future in this awesome book titled Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. All of these teenagers had their lives figured out. Eddie wanted to go to Arizona State, Monterey wanted to be a famous singer, and Jamal and Savannah really just hoped to finish high school.

He made some pretty bad decisions, and some of them put others in danger. Emako was looking forward to a bright future. She just had all the wrong connections and hung around the wrong people. She was only fifteen when she died. The story changes points of view every chapter. The story is retold from the points of view of the other characters Monterrey, Jamal, Eddie, and Savannah.

Woods keeps you engaged and your eyes locked in this book. The first few words of the first chapter said, "My friend Emako was supposed to be a star. I read it from cover to cover and never lost focus. I would recommend this book to any middle school student, especially those who have tough lives. But parental consent is always good. Emako could show you how its done!

She was the prettiest and coolest girl at school. She was an amazing singer, already offered a record deal. She was a best friend to Monterey who was budding a relationship with Eddie with whom Emako shared the burden of having an older brother in prison. Emako herself was falling for Jamal as she was the only girl he ever truly cared about, the one who saw the good guy he really was. The only one who seemed not like her was Savannah, green with envy and in belief that she had stolen Jamal from her best friend, but besides her they all adored Emako.

They miss him and end up killing Emako. Everyone is devastated, even Savannah, and must cope with the loss. The story is written so that each section is written from the point of view of either Emako, Monterey, Jamal, Eddie, or Savannah.


Emako Blue




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