This message window displays detailed information, helpful hints or warnings about problems. The dimensions of the parallel key are as follows: Supporting length and number of parallel key. Selection dialog for the parallel key. Guidelines for the correct application of plastic hinges.

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Mazugore You will get the results for the equivalent pressure and for the pressure at load peak as well as the safety at operation load and the safety at peak load.

Your subscription for the Elesa Newsletter has been sent successfully. The parallel key forms from A to J are also available. For brittle materials e. For intensive use where abrasion resistance and binding of the band at the core are essential. As a first approximation, can be specified for a parallel key. Parallel key types E to J The supporting length for the different types of parallel keys is calculated as follows: In this case, the surface pressure, occurring in the parallel key, is not relevant.

Rubber dun, continuously operating mixers for rubber and plastics, ball mills lightwood-working machines gang saws, lathesbillet rolling mills, lifting kegway, single cylinder piston pumps Heavy Shocks: Parallel keys, shallow pattern, dimensions and application. Additionally, there is the possibility to enter the number of decimal places for the output of the numerical values in the report. The maximum torques in reverse direction against the main load direction do not exceed the effective part of the minimum friction torque.

Search Import Export Data of India From experience, the supporting effect for hubs is larger due to the higher stressed material volume than for shafts and parallel keys see table: In case 2, the changes of load direction keywya is dependent upon the frequency of changes of load direction for the parallel key.

During the input of the values it can happen that the results will be marked in red. Input of the values. The different keyway depths in shaft and hub as well as the chamfer of the parallel key are taken into consideration for the calculation. Surface pressure on the shaft, parallel key and hub Design strength of the shaft for Torsional stress, normally quasi- static Bending load, normally dynamic Consideration of notch effects, for that the strength calculation for the shaft according to DIN is usually used Design strength of the hub In DIN a distinction is made between different methods for the proof of strength for parallel keys: Gray cast iron with lamellar graphite according leyway DIN and sin Automatic dimensioning of the nominal torque.

Kind of load application For a stepped hub, it means see above figure: Parallel keys din form a st round keywway st import from excel copy the product rows from excel by selecting adjacent columns where the first one. Parallel key types A to D. For our calculation example we specify one parallel key. Automatic dimensioning of the maximum load peak torque. Supporting length for shaft and hub. Din 3 keyway pdf file download Case-hardened steel according to DIN I am aware that my data have not been disclosed to third parties.

Calculation Report After the completion of your calculation, you can create a calculation report. The alternative outer diameter is calculated as follows: Subscribe to the Newsletter For the latest information ketway Elesa products and services.

The ,eyway applies for round-ended parallel keys type A, E, C The following applies for straight-ended parallel keys type B, D, F, G, H, J This applies for combined parallel keys AB is the supporting length is the standard length is the width For nonstandard parallel keys, it is possible to define an individual parallel key geometry and supporting lengths. A clearance fit or interference fit adversely affects the shaft strength. This calculation report contains all input data, the calculation method as well as all detailed results.

Dkn other ratiosthe values are determined from two diagrams by interpolation. Related Posts.


DIN 6885-3 :- Key, Hub Keyway, Shaft Keyway Details and Dimensions

For our calculation example we specify one parallel key. As a first approximation, can be specified for a parallel key. The following dimensioning functions calculator button provide you with optimal support: The context menu contains all available units. Automatic dimensioning of the maximum load peak torque. The joint pressure, that is reduced due to the parallel key in comparison to the hole without keyway, is considered by the factor.




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