There is an abundance of online retailers selling cheap and duplicate laptop chargers. Several people regret their decision to buy a non-branded product on the very first day. In order to save just a few pounds, people end up damaging their expensive laptops and precious data. Unbranded adapters do not have energy efficiency certification, not environmentally friendly.

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Please check out our eBay auctions for more great deals on Factory Service Manuals: servicemanuals4u Page 2 Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Computer Corporation is strictly forbidden. This chapter describes the major hardware and software features of your computer. A touch-pad pointing device positioned for both left- and right-handed users.

The left and right touch-pad buttons mimic mouse buttons; NOTE: If Dell did not install an operating system on your hard-disk drive, the drivers, system utilities, and diagnostics are available separately from Dell.

To order, see Getting Help for the appropriate telephone number in your location. For more information on these help tools, see Getting Help. Page Identifying Your Computer The service tag number is a 5-character number on a bar code label located on the bottom of the computer.

The number is unique to your computer and allows Dell technical assistance personnel to identify the computer and its configuration quickly if you call for assistance. If someone calls Dell for technical assistance and gives your service tag number, the computer is identified automatically as missing or stolen. Pack all your computing accessories.

With the optional Dell carrying case, you can pack the computer and its accessories together. NOTE: Follow the portable computer travel tips and take special precautions if you are planning to travel by air.

Page Travel Tips All airlines forbid the use of electronic devices during takeoff and landing. Dell has several carrying cases that protect the computer and accessories during travel. If you pack the computer in a suitcase, do not pack so tightly that the computer display breaks or so loosely that the computer slides around. Many companies provide services that help you solve problems, such as quickly locating 3.

Gently pull the drive carrier out of the drive. When the hard-disk drive is not in the computer, protect the drive from exposure to static electricity. Remove the new drive from its packaging. Page Installing Memory Modules Every primary hard-disk drive must be physically formatted, partitioned, and logically formatted before it can be used to store data.

Every primary hard-disk drive from Dell is physically formatted before it is sent to you. Use the program s provided by your operating system to partition and logically format the hard-disk drive.

Disconnect any telephone or telecommunication line from the computer. Remove the battery from the battery bay or the modular bay. Replace the memory module cover see Figure 2. Figure 2. Installing a Memory Module Cover a.

Set the memory module cover loosely over the opening, making sure that the plastic tabs on the bottom of the cover catch in the slots on either side of the opening. Run the RAM test group of the Dell Diagnostics to confirm that all installed memory modules are operating correctly. Battery performance features such as charge time and life span can vary according to the conditions under which the computer and battery are used.

Page 35 Your computer might weigh more or less, depending on its configuration. It also tells you when and how to call Dell for technical or customer assistance. Technical Assistance If you need assistance with a technical problem, perform the following steps: 1. Please call your local Dell representative for information on availability. World Wide Web on the Internet The Internet is your most powerful tool for obtaining information about your computer and other Dell products.

Page 38 Numbers. TechFax Service Dell takes full advantage of fax technology to serve you better. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you can call the Dell TechFax line toll-free for all kinds of technical information. Using a touch-tone phone, you can select from a full directory of topics. The technical information you request is sent within minutes to the fax number you designate. Page 39 Our technical support staff pride themselves on their track record: more than 90 percent of all problems and questions are taken care of in just one toll- free call, usually in less than 10 minutes.

When you call, our experts can refer to records kept on your Dell system to better understand your particular question. Page 40 Returns that are missing any of the preceding requirements will be refused at our receiving dock and returned to you.

Table 1, International Dialing Codes, provides the various codes required to make long-distance and international calls. For example, to call Paris, France from Montpellier, France, dial the area code plus the local number as shown in the following illustration.


Latitude Cpi

Before getting started, if you have a removable battery make sure it is installed correctly. Most brands of adapters have a power indicator,Connect the power supply and check if the indicator light is on. Make sure all the cables are in good shape, with no wear or breaks. Use only the original charger intended for use with your notebook. Other chargers may seem to fit, but may damage the charging port or battery. Connect everything firmly.


Dell Latitude CP CPI CPiA CPiD Keyboard 6807D


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