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The projector gets hot after a short amount of usage Dell as a brand is well known for their PC components as well as their range of projectors. In , the brand launched the Dell X and three years later this projector is still running strong in the market.

Read on to know more about this DLP projector. Finished in matte black with grey highlights, this boxy looking projector has an amount of class that can make other projectors in this price range look rather shabby. There are vents at the front and side, which take care of the cooling of the projector. One may tend to assume that there are a lot of vents all over this device, which may compromise on the looks; but this is not the case with the X.

Brightness levels of ANSI lumens The top panel is minimalistic in design and all that is featured here is the control pad, the Dell branding and the side of the lamp, which features a zoom rocker and a focus ring.

The sensor for the remote lies at the front of the projector. All the connectivity options for the projector lie at the back. Outputs for the projector featured here are for VGA and audio.

The build quality of this projector is really good and it feels sturdy. The legs at the bottom of the device support it well and there is no noticeable wobble. Rounding up this segment of the review, the projector has done well thus far. When Dell launched this projector, they planned to change the game to quite a large degree by introducing a display solution that can be used wirelessly.

Setting this up is a fairly simple process and even a person who is not very tech savvy can set it up easily. The on-screen guide assists one a lot, which in the process simplifies the whole setup procedure.

The controls at the top This projector is not the newest in the market, yet it boasts of features, which can be quite desirable as compared to the newer ones available. As mentioned earlier this DLP projector features wireless connectivity, which of course is its main feature.

The brand rates the maximum brightness levels at ANSI lumens and a projection distance of 1. There are different aspect ratios supported here, including the popular and This allows one to view content in widescreen as well. However, as opposed to the new range of projectors, the native XGA resolution found here is x and not full HD x p.

This is not a bad thing by any stretch and it keeps in-line with the resolution supported by most laptops. To setup the wireless features all one has to do is select the x from their wireless network connections, go to a web browser, put in the IP address that appears on the image projected, download the Wireless Plus Projector software, run it and then put in the login code. Then one can easily view the content from their laptop without having to connect it using a cable.

The rear connectors The interface of the Dell X is easy to use and everything can be accessed through the source button on the projector or the bundled up remote. The layout of the menu is really good and the font is legible. In the Picture option, besides the ability to change settings like different picture modes, one also has the ability to tweak brightness and contrast levels. Apart from this, in the advanced picture option, one can adjust white intensity, colour temperature and custom colour adjustment, such as red green and blue.

These are pretty advanced features for a projector priced within Rs. The brand rates the life of the lamp at hours and the two inbuilt speakers at 5W RMS. Apart from this, the projector has the ability to display content in a split screen viewing for up to four PCs. This can be useful during presentations.

Rounding up the features bit, this is pretty loaded and does offer bang for your buck. Performance While testing the performance of the projector, we noticed that it was pretty quiet and did not make a lot of noise even in a silent room.

However, it does tend to get quite hot and emit fair amount of heat. Another issue observed here was that there was a burning odour being emitted from the projector. One is advised not to sit too close to the device when it is running as the heat is felt at least a foot and a half away from it. Blu-ray playback is good To test the projector, we hooked it up to a laptop wirelessly and ran some content and then connected it to a PC and ran the DisplayMate Test.

While running content off the laptop wirelessly, we noticed that there was a fair amount of lag seen and it is advisable to use this only for the purpose of presentations and not for viewing videos.

While playing back videos, the content was framing a lot and therefore it was unusable. A slight lag was noticed during the running of presentations as well, but it was not so much to put one off. Not much colour bleeding visible To run the DisplayMate test, we hooked the projector up to our test rig and we observed that in the Intensity range check, whites and greys reproduced accurately and there was no need to calibrate any settings. While checking the black levels adjustment test, we noticed that most of the dark grey boxes were seen indicating that the black levels were good and a lot better than most of the other projectors in this price range.

While checking the reproduction near the extreme of the grey scales, we saw that most of the white blocks were washed out, which is unusual for this test. However, in this test we observed that colours rendered accurately, except for ink which appeared purple. In the reverse video contrast check, we observed that all characters had sharp edges and all colours rendered well.

In the primary colours test, we noticed that the reds, greens, blues and whites all reproduced well, while the standard colours all appeared natural. In the colour intensity range check, we observed that the seams were noticeable and there was no bleeding across most colours, except for blue and yellow.

We connected the Dell X to our in-house Philips Blu-ray disk and ran our test Blu-ray and we observed that all the colours appeared natural and skin tones were accurate. With ambient lighting turned on, the content is viewable as well, which is a major plus point for this projector. The two 5W RMS projectors do well, too and there fire quite well.

The remote control that came bundled with the X does well and we faced no issues with it, whatsoever. Alternatively, it can be a good solution for a small or medium sized meeting room as well. The only issue we have with it is the amount of heat that is emitted from it; the brand should have done better in curbing the heat and the odour that arises from this projector. The features of the projector are really good and with its wireless capabilities, it can be a good solution because it reduces the need for cables thereby reducing clutter.

The performance of the X is above average when it comes to video playback. This is observed during playback through the Blu-ray player as well as a PC. When it comes to presentations, this projector does well, too. If one is in the market for a projector with a budget of Rs. Find latest and upcoming tech gadgets online on Tech2 Gadgets. Popular gadgets including laptop, tablet and mobile specifications, features, prices, comparison.





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