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This book is beautifully structured, clearly written, and covers basic traditional research methods very well. It however lacks sufficient depth to be more than just an introduction. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs either an introduction to the topic or a quick way to crash-course the research terminology used in behavioral science.

My one real complaint is that I wish the book had included modeling and simulation and participatory action research in its overview of various research methods. But then, I might be biased as those are where my own interests lie. I thought the material was incredibly boring.

The author wrote this book in such a way that a 5-year-old could understand it and for someone who despises the topic so much, I thought this was great because numbers make me cringe so the easier they are to understand, the better. I do not like to be numerically challenged. This book makes methods easy to understand and accessible for those who are not familiar with the concepts. The reading is not to difficult or heavy and uses appropriate examples to assist with teaching concepts.

The chapters of this I will make a disclaimer that I have not read my entire way through this book. The chapters of this book seem to contain most of the necessary information within them without being bloated and overwritten.

That said, no it is not always exciting, but it gets the job done. I think it does a rear her nice job of taking research methods one should already be familiar with and adding substance to them. Whether you plan to do research or not, this book can be of help to you if you ever encounter research that you would like to be able to understand. It goes from what each method is and how they are conducted, to the way each is broken down, Obviously this book has to be thought of in a textbook sense.

It goes from what each method is and how they are conducted, to the way each is broken down, how the stats see figured, what is being said by certain figures, and how to be sure the studies you read and see are accurate based upon how scientists are to conduct research. There is more to it, but this is it in a nutshell.


Methods in behavioral research



Cozby: Methods in Behavioral Research, 13th edition


AR 190-51 PDF

Methods in Behavioral Research


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