How often do the pads need to be changed? Will my health insurance pay for the brace? Medicare and most private health insurance companies do offer coverage for this treatment option. Consult Medicare or your insurance carrier to verify coverage. How do I clean the brace? Use a mild soap and water to clean the brace by hand.

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The innovative Cheneau-Gensingen Brace offers these significant advantages, and more, over other scoliosis braces. A new and improved scoliosis brace with proven results X-ray showing in-brace correction with the Cheneau-Gensingen brace. Helps improve posture for a more balanced appearance Pressure zones and openings for expansion at spinal concavities work to induce correction and reduce spinal rotation Created using the Augmented-Lehnert Schroth Classifications — the ONLY Schroth method family approved Cheneau brace Can be used independently or in conjunction with our Schroth Best Practice scoliosis exercise program for the best results.

Wearability The Cheneau-Gensingen brace offers a more patient-friendly experience. Patients who have switched from other braces say that the GBW is easier to wear, put on and take off, breathe in, eat, sit down in at school, and change clothes.

Adult bracing for postural support and pain relief Technologically Advanced 3D scan used for brace design. Fast and easy measurement process with 3D scanning technology — no casting! When you or your child become our patient, you become part of the Scoliosis 3DC family. We are here to guide you every step of the way, well beyond your initial visit! As a parent of a child with scoliosis, Dr. After diagnosing his own daughter in , he made it his mission to find the best non-surgical treatment for her.

Fast forward to today: Dr. Moramarco is a leading Schroth method and Cheneau bracing expert, having traveled to Germany numerous times for extensive training over the years. There is a distinct advantage in having a Schroth expert fit the brace because of the in-depth knowledge of scoliotic body mechanics. Moramarco is also an international lecturer and author on the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis.

At Scoliosis 3DC, we have been been treating scoliosis non-surgically on a full-time basis for many years. Many of our team members either have scoliosis or have family members with scoliosis. Cheneau bracing and Schroth exercise available at one location. Our one-stop-shop reduces burnout for patients and parents. A 4-day bracing turnaround from scan to final fitting. A clinical team who works together to help you properly manage scoliosis. A safe, comfortable setting where kids are open to learning and accepting their new normal — not a sterile, intimidating environment.

We know that having scoliosis and wearing a brace can be stressful, so we work to alleviate any apprehensions. A friendly, optimistic, supportive staff who are all passionate about conservative treatment for scoliosis. A clear-cut management plan with guidance and feedback every step of the way.


The 8 Best Back Brace For Lower Back Pain

Jewitt- single level compression fracture. TLSO- multilevel fx. I was taught that a Jewett is for T11, T12, L1 compression fractures and that is about it. It would be interesting to do a Google search and see if there are any articles out there to back up your position. Please post your answers.


Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral Orthoses (TLSO)

TLSO is an acronym for thoracolumbosacral orthosis, a brace for the mid to lower spine. Using a TLSO Brace The theory behind bracing is that, in a growing spine, if more weight is pushing down on one area, then that area will grow more slowly. In a TLSO brace, strategically placed pads put pressure on the unnatural curves to slow down their growth. Teens 12 to 15 years old with Cobb angles of 20 to 40 degrees wear braces for three to five years.

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