This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat Dried Chirostoma can be fried with salt and lemon and covered with fried egg with garlic or chili. Four of the experiments were conducted in L indoor recirculation tanks. Higher spawn numbers and greater egg production were observed under controlled photoperiod, and higher numbers of juveniles and a higher survival rate were observed under natural photoperiod. The diversity of existing food may decrease malnutrition through the consumption of underutilized species. Two males and one female at the first stage jlrdani reproduction were included in each test.

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Means of Introduction: Intentionally stocked by the Mexican federal government into two Rio Grande reservoirs, apparently with the hope of establishing a population that would serve as a source of food for local human residents Courtenay and Hensley a; Contreras and Escalante Introductions were made in the form of millions of fertilized eggs taken from Lake Chapala, Mexico Courtenay and Hensley a; C.

Hubbs, personal communication to Courtenay; Courtenay, personal communication. Status: The species failed to become established Courtenay and Hensley a; Contreras and Escalante Impact of Introduction: Unknown Contreras and Escalante The original information on the stocking apparently came from a Mexican news report that mentioned the release of 18 million fertilized Chirostoma eggs from Lake Chapala into Amistad and other Mexican reservoirs Clark Hubbs, personal communication to W.

Courtenay, Lake Chapala is inhabited by several Chirostoma species. Consequently, Chirostoma eggs taken from the lake and used for stocking may have been from any one, or a number of species W. Courtenay, personal communication; Courtenay and Hensley a. The statement by Howells b that the C.

Hubbs" is false. There are no known voucher specimens from Lake Amistad and no known collections of Chirostoma in Texas waters D.

Henderson, personal communication; Clark Hubbs to D. Henderson, personal communication. The Mexican stocking has been the basis for inclusion of Chirostoma jordani in published lists of non-established foreign species of the United States e. References : click for full references Barbour, C. The systematics and evolution of the genus Chirostoma Swainson Pisces, Atherinidae. Tulane Studies in Zoology and Botany 18 3 Courtenay, W.

Personal communication. Contreras, S. Distribution and known impacts of exotic fishes in Mexico. Pages in W. Courtenay, Jr. Satuffer, editors. Distribution, biology, and management of exotic fishes. Survey of introduced non-native fishes. Phase I Report. Introduced exotic fishes in North America: status Hensley, J. Taylor, and J. Distribution of exotic fishes in the continental United States.

Stauffer, Jr. Distribution, biology and management of exotic fishes. Distribution of exotic fishes in North America. Pages in C. Hocutt, and E. Wiley, editors. The zoogeography of North American freshwater fishes. Howells, R.

Annotated list of introduced non-native fishes, mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic plants in Texas waters. Electrophoretic identification of feral and domestic tilapia in Texas. Hubbs, C. Robins, C. Bailey, C. Bond, J. Brooker, E. Lachner, R. Lea, and W. World fishes important to North Americans exclusive of species from the continental waters of the United States and Canada.

American Fisheries Society Special Publication Other Resources:.


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