Refer to it regularly because it tells you how to run your charity. Select all of the options that apply to your charity, and sign and date it where required. You must use that template in full without changing or adding to it. Organisations with approved governing documents Choose the right CIO structure If you are setting up a new CIO make sure you choose the right constitution for your structure. If: the only members of the CIO will be the trustees, you should use the foundation constitution your CIO will have a wider membership , including voting members other than the trustees, you should choose the association constitution If you are an existing charity wishing to convert to a CIO structure, choose the CIO model constitution which best matches your original charity. Once the trustees agree the constitution, register your new CIO with the commission.

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But you can still apply to HM Revenue and Customs for recognition as a charity to get charity tax breaks and claim gift aid. You can apply to the commission to register this sort of charity voluntarily but the commission will only consider applications in exceptional circumstances. For example, if you can prove that your charity has been offered significant funds but has to provide a registered charity number before it can receive the funds.

Check with your parent organisation to see if you need to register. Read the application questions, including the instruction notes, carefully and answer them fully. Your application needs to satisfy the commission that: your organisation is a charity and should register your trustees understand their role and responsibilities We are currently experiencing high volumes of applications and regret to inform you that the commission may take up to 45 working days to ask you for more information or clarification.

Submit your application well in advance if you need to register your charity by a particular date. The commission cannot accept electronic signatures. The commission will check that all those named in the application as trustees are eligible.

You need to scan this in and send it as a PDF file. By signing the trustee declaration form, the trustees confirm their responsibility to provide information which is true, complete and correct and that they understand it is a criminal offence under section 60 of the Charities Act to knowingly make a false or misleading statement.

What happens after you apply You will get an automated email to confirm your application has been received. If this happens you will be asked to resubmit it. If your application is unsuccessful The commission will confirm to you in writing the reasons your application was rejected.

You can either: reapply, providing you have addressed the reasons for rejection.


How to write your charity's governing document (CC22b)

Mazujinn Organising events and activities. Video-making tips for community groups. Although charities cannot be profit-making, this is not what defines a charity. As trustees, you are responsible for choosing the name for your charity. They may be known as trustees, directors, board members, governors or committee members. In order to exist, organisations must adopt a legal structure.


How to set up a charity (CC21a)

Find volunteer placements Set up a named fund instead of a charity Some charities will let you set up a named fund if you want to raise money for a one-off event such as a disaster. This saves the time and effort of setting up and running a charity then closing it once the original need has been met. Depending on the charity, you can say where you want the money to go. Charitable purposes: the law To be a charity in England and Wales , everything it is set up to achieve must be charitable. For more information, read How to write charitable purposes.


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The specific benefits the charity provides must be clear and possible to evidence. What were you doing? Licensing and regulations for events and fundraising activities. Find out more about cookies.

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