Physical description Vegetative characteristics Like all other species of the genus Capsicum, plants of the species Capsicum pubescens grow as a shrub, but sometimes as climbing plants. They grow into four-meter woody plants relatively quickly, and live up to 15 years, which gives them, especially with age, an almost tree-like appearance. More shoots develop from the leaf axils. Some varieties have purple discoloration on the branches, as can be observed in other Capsicum species. Most striking is the eponymous coat, which is on leaves, stems, and sometimes found on the sepals of the flowers.

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Manzanos reach 12, to 30, Scoville heat units , a comparable range to the popular serrano pepper. They provide a sweet aroma, sometimes even woody. Because they are so meaty and juicy, the chilies of Capsicum Pubescens are not good candidates for drying. They are typically consumed fresh, whether sliced or stuffed with cheeses and meats. Growing essentials — What to know before you grow Capsicum Pubescens has a very notable feature in terms of cultivation, which is that it is the only Capsicum species that cannot cross-pollinate with any of the other pepper varieties.

However, if you want to experience the one-of-a-kind flavor, heat and intensity of the Pubescens species, growing your own plant or plants might just be your best way to do so. This plant species grows best in a warm greenhouse, as it can be particularly finicky and somewhat difficult to cultivate. But — another notable trait of Capsicum Pubescens — this species can perform even in cooler climates, unlike most other chilies that need temperate conditions to thrive.

Cared for properly within a climate that is cool and damp, Capsicum Pubescens plants will continue producing fruit for up to fifteen years, making the effort to grow this rare plant well worth the time and care required. When growing Capsicum Pubescens, the seeds should be sown between late winter and early spring. In order for this plant to thrive, fertile, well-drained soil is essential, as well as a placement that provides plenty of sunlight.

Patience is required when growing this plant. Compared to other Capsicum species, Pubescens takes longer to grow to full size as well as significantly longer to fully mature. This plant has a germination time of about 3 to 4 weeks at an ideal temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


Capsicum pubescens



Capsicum Pubescens: Distinctively Juicy



Capsicum Pubescens


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