Kazikus Controller then enters its power-conserving sleep mode. Automatic meter reading system and method for transmitting meter reading data in the same. When in an active state, microcontroller is clocked by an 8 MHz quartz crystal oscillator Also, this embodiment is a bi-directional type of system, in that it is capable of automatically collecting and sending data to the SFS for access by the utility company, and the utility company can call the RMP on demand at any time to access utility usage. Along with the IRQ signal, microprocessor is also sent an address signal which indicates the particular alarm register 82 from which the IRQ signal came. Preferably, the transmission of the image data from the optical imaging devices to the controllers is accomplished via wireless communications links between the controllers doode the devices.

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Any such received signals are processed by the RF device in the manner that will be described below in connection with the specific construction and operation of the RF device to convert same into digital data bit stream useable by the controllerwhich bit stream is transmitted to the controller via the connector A remote data acquisition and processing system is provided. Shunt lines A and B of power circuitry are connected to main electrical line through power output connections using meter socket connectors A and B.

In a mobile configuration, data collection by the mobile van is downloaded to SFS 24 via disk, tape or other means, as determined by the particular RF system employed. Utility companies, such as those providing electric, gas dataheet water service, measure the consumption of their respective services by customers via meters attached to the customer premises.

Within circuitfilter circuit is provided which comprises a high pass RC filter. Once in active mode, datashheet controllers generate control signals for causing the imaging devices to enter active mode, scan the meters to produce the image data, and transmit the image data to the controllers.

As is typical of conventional utility meters, each of the conventional meters, The adaptive calling process analyzes previous connections and attempted connects to determine the optimum low volume time period for initiating automatic assess by the RMP.

Automated meter reading system, communication and control network for automated meter reading, meter data collector, and associated methods.

By diode datasheet pdf 1n Multichannel intelligent electronic device with advanced communication capabilities. After receiving the signals processed by the reception networkthe processor spread spectrum baseband decodes the processed signals based upon the reference signals supplied to the processor from the clock and using conventional techniques well known to those skilled in the art, to convert the processed signals into a digital data bit stream representative of the information content of the spread spectrum signals received by the antenna and usable by the controlleroptionally performs conventional checksums on the bit stream to ensure that the bit stream consists of valid data, and transmits the bit stream to the controller via the connector The initial autonomous update mode time is programmed into real time clock 80 at the time of installation of RMP 12 and can later be updated by means of placing such information at SFS 24 for download by RMP 12 during its next autonomous update mode session.

Shunt lines A and B are then connected to the input connections of electric meter 10 B through connectors A and B, such that the V AC coming from main electrical line is passed through to electric meter 10 B. BY Datasheet PDF Pinout — RECTIFIER DIODE Microcontroller then saves its current program status into memoryand informs controller that controller is permitted to enter sleep mode, whereupon, controller commands switch to no longer permit flow of power through switch Two of the outputs are also used to drive bridge rectifier which in turn drives voltage regulator Alternatively, controller may be programmed to signal such low power datasneet when the sensed voltage level falls below 1.

In a conventional telephone network embodiment, a demand read according to the above described procedure requires an dipde telephone call by be made by the utility company computer 28 to the customer premises 5. The wireless communications links may comprises spread-spectrum radio frequency links e. The mother board includes electronics and opto-electronics for implementing the functional blocks illustrated in FIG.

As will be explained more fully below, device is a simplex type of transceiver, and is designed such that the antenna which preferably is dilde to be primarily resonant at the central frequency of the spread spectrum signals intended to be transmitted and received by the devicei. Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets The present invention relates generally to a distributed, information gathering and processing system, and more specifically, to such a system for remotely dioee and processing data related to a phenomenon or phenomena being monitored by metering devices.

Such meters continually monitor and record the amount of the service in question consumed by a particular customer and such measurements are used by the utility company for billing and system management purposes. In accordance with this embodiment of the present invention, the controller is programmed to store in the first and second counter registers of the synthesizerupon power-up of the devicescale factors sufficient to cause the lock frequency of the output signals of the VCO to be MHz.

Specifications subject to change without notice. A system according to claim 9dataasheet said transmission network also includes a frequency up-converter mixer for mixing said output data signals and said output signals of oscillator, said mixer being adapted to be disabled when said select signal is in said condition indicative of reception mode and to be enabled when said select signal is in a condition indicative of transmission mode.

It should be understood that although various components of device have not been shown in FIGS. The up converted spread spectrum signals are then amplified preferably by 18 dB by a conventional pre-amplifierwhich amplified signals are then supplied to transmit amplifier Remote management and monitoring method for a solar power installation, in which data is collected from sensors and stored in non-volatile memory prior to FTP transmission to an Internet server.

System and method for efficient configuration in a fixed network automated meter reading system. Rectifier diode Wikitronics FANDOM powered by Wikia Also alternatively, if appropriately modified in ways apparent to those skilled in the art, the modem means of the remote controllers, and the interface means of the host processormay be replaced with appropriate U-NII communications devices for permitting wireless exchange of data between the controllersand host processor at frequencies located between 5.

Meter socket has two power output connections and two power input connections The information can later be downloaded to a utility company computer to process same. Microprocessor decoder frequency hopping spread spectrum communications receiver. Connection to the cable, television, RF or ISDN service interface is accomplished through connector using standard 4-wire serial protocols.

Reduced cost automatic meter reading system and method using locally communicating utility meters. Transmit amplifier e. These and other features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent as the following Detailed Description proceeds and upon reference to the Drawings, wherein like numerals depict like parts, and in which: TOP Related Posts.


BY126 Bharat Electronics, BY126 Datasheet

Preferably, in this embodiment, each of the functional components of host processor illustrated block form in FIG. Such conventional systems are of two types: Preferably, controllersare located in relatively inaccessible places e. Microprocessor then accesses the utility usage information from the desired meter or meters by the same procedure as previously described. Rectifier diode Wikitronics FANDOM powered by Wikia If such messages are received, the controller powers up the components necessary to process such messages and inform the host processorif necessary.



Kajas The controller records data indicative of such traffic activity in memory, and once the other controller has been determined to be finished communicating with the optical imaging devices with the control region of the controllerthe controller analyzes the traffic data to determine how to fit i. PDF BY Datasheet download When the utility company wishes to make a demand read, as has been previously described, the utility company computer 28 initiates a call which addresses RMP 12 and the particular meter 10 A, 10 B or 10 C to be read. A masked programmed FLEX PLD is used to generate clock signals that are conditioned by conditioning circuitry and is also used to receive differential drive from drive circuitry Another conventional outbound system is disclosed in Sollinger, U. The signals exiting the filter block are then processed by the processor in the manner discussed above. Meter socket has two power output connections and two power input connections The host processor and controllers may also be appropriately provisioned to connect to the wide area network via wireless means, such as Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure U-NII communications devices operating within a frequency spectrum located at 5. A virtual connection is then made through wide bank link 20 to SFS The system is designed to count each rotation of the least significant dial of the utility meters.


BY126 Datasheet


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