In , an experimental theatre piece based on The Street of Crocodiles was conceived and directed by Simon McBurney and produced by Theatre de Complicite in collaboration with the National Theatre in London. It received six Olivier Award nominations after its initial run, and was revived four times in London in the years that followed influencing a whole generation of British theatre makers. It subsequently played to audiences and festivals all over the world such as Quebec Prix du Festival , Moscow, Munich teatre der Welt , Villnius and many other countries. It has been published by Methuen, a UK publishing house, in a collection of plays by Complicite. In , physical theatre company Double Edge Theatre premiered a piece called Republic of Dreams, based on the life and works of Bruno Schulz.

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Start your review of The Street of Crocodiles Write a review Nov 12, Jeffrey Keeten rated it really liked it They maintain that every woman in that district is a tart. In fact, it is enough to stare at any of them, and at once you meet an insistent clinging look which freezes you with the certainty of fulfillment.

Even the schoolgirls wear their hair ribbons in a characteristic way and walk on their slim legs with a peculiar step, an impure expression in their eyes that foreshadows their future corruption.

Desire is wrapped around the words of the text squeezing them tight, producing extended breasts, hips, and flared stocking clad legs. The young lad, who is our narrator, is of age to be beset by those hormones that make every female seem like the personification of Aphrodite.

Even the glimpse of an elbow or a soft white neck or a foot can give a young man flutters in his stomach. He moved with the many-limbed, complicated movements of a strange ritual in which I recognized with horror an imitation of the ceremonial crawl of a cockroach.

Schulz self-portrait. All the stories are connected but disjointed, and Schulz would often spin this reader off into the snow, leaving me spitting slivers of ice from my mouth. I always ran after the sled and climbed back on to watch with slitted eyes for low hanging tree limbs to duck and to be prepared to pull my snagged coat loose from the dead, brittle bushes overhanging the road. The diffuse whiteness of light filtered by the snow, by the pale air, by the milky space, was like the gray paper of an engraving on which the thick bushes corresponded to the deep black lines of the decoration.

He was moved into a ghetto. He was discovered by an admirer of his writing, a Nazi Gestapo officer named Felix Landau. He was commissioned by Landau, in exchange for protection, to paint a mural on a wall of his residency in Drohobycz. Schulz had it better than most, but fate is a fickle wench, and on November 19th, , he was gunned down while walking home with a loaf of bread by another Gestapo officer, Karl Gunther, who was enraged that Landau had shot and killed one of his personal Jews.

What a gift to humanity it would have been if the Nazi officers had just had the decency to shoot each other. A piece of the mural. This collection is just a glimpse of the body of work that we would have enjoyed from this talented writer if his life had not been tragically cut short. He was working on a novel at the time of his murder, but it has never surfaced. There is always hope that someday it will been found.

He was a new star with his own unique spectrum who became a supernova before he had a chance to shine across the universe.


Bruno Schulz

Although it was already in that Schultz wrote the short story A July Night, it was included in the second volume entitled Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass which was published in Title[ edit ] The original title of the collection can be literally translated into English as "Cinnamon Shops. Cinnamon shops mentioned by the narrator of the story are situated in the centre of the town where the narrator lives. Plot[ edit ] An illustration by Bruno Schulz.


The Street of Crocodiles



The street of crocodiles



[PDF] The Street of Crocodiles Book by Bruno Schulz Free Download (160 pages)


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