Irrespective of which generation you belong to, it is always fun to watch the first Telugu full-length talkie film based on the story of Narasimha and Prahlada from the Hindu mythology. Surprisingly, unlike the other films of that era, the running time of this year-old film is just minutes. A scene from the movie Bhakta Prahlada The story is about a child called Prahlada — son of a demon called Hiranya Kasapa — who unconditionally believes in and trusts lord Vishnu. Two films have been made based on the same story. The famous theatre group Surabhi Naataka Samstha had already staged various performances of the play with the same title Bhakta Prahlada, which was written by Andhra Naataka Pitamaha Dharmavarapu Ramakrishnacharyulu. HM Reddy sought to cast them in the film.

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He belonged to the Kashyap gotra. He is described as a saintly boy from the Puranas known for his piety and bhakti to Lord Vishnu. Despite the abusive nature of his father, Hiranyakashipu, he continued his devotion towards Lord Vishnu. Thus, the Lord took the form of a part man, part lion to kill the Asura. He was known for his generosity and kindness.

He sowed similar seeds in his son Virochana and grandson Mahabali. He was taught by Narada in early childhood. As a result, he was devoted towards Vishnu. He then trampled the boy with elephants, but the boy still lived.

Holika, the sister of Hiranyakashipu, was blessed in that she could not be hurt by fire. This event is celebrated as the Hindu festival of Holi. Prahlada was even more powerful than his father, Hiranyakashipu ever was. He enjoyed the love and respect of his subjects. Without lifting a single weapon, and by virtue of his good behaviour, Prahlada conquered the three worlds easily and Indra ran away from the Heavens.

Indra then deceived Prahlada into giving him the power of his behaviour and Prahlada lost control of the three worlds. The Devas, afraid of the Asuras, enlisted the help of human Kings such as Yayati, Raji and Kakutstha and defeated them. Prahlada always served thousands of Brahmins daily. One day, out of ignorance, Prahlada forgot to serve one Brahmin. The latter cursed the Asura that he would forget Vishnu and become unrighteous.

The curse would be broken if Vishnu defeated Prahlada. Prahlada then personally attacked the gods and defeated Indra in battle, forcing the King of the Gods to run for his life. Indra sought help of Lord Vishnu. Infused with his power, Indra defeated Prahlada. The latter understood that Vishnu was helping Indra in battle and he withdrew his forces. Prahlada first gave his kingdom to Andhaka, but the latter was defeated by Shiva. So Prahlada gave it to his son Virochana and undertook a Tirtha Yatra.

Prahlada had strongly advised to Andhaka against the invasion, but Andhaka refused. Prahlada was present during the churning of the ocean and also fought in the Tarakamaya war against the Devas. The gods had Virochana killed by taking advantage of his generosity.

Prahlada raised his grandson, Bali. After a long life, Prahlada attained moksha. Ultimately, as Prahlada is considered a non demonic being within Hinduism. In popular culture[edit] The story of Prahlada has been the theme of various films, including Bhakta Prahlada , which was first Telugu talkie movie made, followed by Bhaktha Prahlada film City life edition serial code. See also[edit].


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