Amazon Customer didnt do what i exspected it only does 3 dmx You need to be very aware of how DMX works and be a big fan of planning ahead, plotting things out, and writing them down like patch and memory assigns. Once written into memory things are ok, but getting them there is an adventure. The hardware is not quite the sturdiest, but with reasonable care and a good road case it will do. James C. There is no doubt in my mind that the Behringer LC was the biggest waste of time product that I have ever purchased.

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I would never depend on Behringer audio gear for a pro situation and should not have depended on this either. The console was not user friendly but after the hurdles of programming the console worked fine until after about 6 shows.

Right before a show, the console would no longer output DMX. We hooked the console back up at the shop but it would not work. It was a little out of the one year warranty period and I emailed customer support but they never replied. I now pretty much consider all their stuff to be toys.

Did you find this review helpful? I also bought some projectors 56, a power block Sun Contest and the lighting console. Everything branch. I individually test each projector headlamps and fonctionne. Les power bloc, also works. For cons, the block puisssance the light console, it does not work. I do not understand why I feel that I need a hand neck of a patient person because the I sche. This is my first console lighting, being a complete novice in this field.

I am a musician, and I needed a small console too expensive and not efficient enough for concerts, but also to enliven the evening in small mobile disco. FYI, it may be nice to have the manual of the latter found in VF on the net , including an understanding of some principles of operation of this type of console and other features, the two books are complementary. The chase chases are programmed easily. Remains then to dip the principles of stage lighting, making it easier to exploit this console.


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