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Taqleed Bismillah hir rahmaan nirraheem, Bahishti Zewar is one of the famous books of deobandis written on the issues of Women. The author of this book is Molana Ashraf Ali thanwi sahab and he was one of the pioneers of deoband. Deobandis recommend this book to probably every daughter, mother or sister that exist amongst deobandis.

They highly praise this book and they regard it as one of the top and reliable book on hanafi fiqh. There is good in this book without a doubt. B Sunnah means Hadeeth. Some deobandi brothers object that Ahlul hadeeth does not mean Ahlu Sunnah because hadeeth does not mean Sunnah. This reference is enough for deobandi brothers as a response to their objection. To bring some new thing into the deen is not permitted. An innovation is a Major sin. Coming back the point, We believe that the matters of deen are complete in Quran and Hadeeth and it is nice to see the truth being told to the awaam but truth of the matter is that even this book it self i.

Bahishti Zewar contains issues that are outright Blaspheme, issues that contradict the Sunnah, issues that are no where found any where in the Quran and Sunnah yet they have been made a part of deen, this book contains innovations, X rated stuff and many more.

It has innovations and every innovation is misguidance and misguidance leads to hell fire. Alot of our deobandi brothers dont have this aqeedah and hence they indulge in various innovations which you can see in the other references that i have provided. Molana Ashraf Ali thanvi himself says its a major sin and yet the book has so many innovations in it that have nothing to do with Quran or hadeeth.

I decided to do this article only to allow the public to open their eyes and see the reality of this book. Let me make it clear that my intention is not to hurt any one in sha Allah and you are free to let me know my mistakes. I know that majority of the layman amongst deobandis wont like this article only due to their love for Bahishti Zewar and Ashraf Ali Thanwi, but I tell you in sha Allah that by the end of this article you will have some thing to think. One must not forget that our priority is to follow prophet Muhammad sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam and Allaah has guaranteed Jannah to us by following Allah himself and the Prophet sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam.

Ashraf Ali thanwi sahb will not be benefit you on the day of judgement nor can he do you any good in your grave. My duty is to only let you know the truth of this book so you can get rid of this disturbing book and give your selves an opportunity to study the pure books based on Quran and Sahi Hadeeth.

May Allaah help us, guide us and open our hearts to accept the truth from Quran and Sunnah and act upon it, Ameen. Note: Page numbers may vary from publisher to publisher so i will in sha Allah only mention the part, heading and masla numbers. The english translation of this book is tremendously forged to hide the reality. They havent translated a good part of the book and on many ocassions they have twisted the traslation So i will not relying completely on the translation.

Any one can cross check the Urdu reference provided and check back the english translation to know the forgeries done over there. In sha Allah the child will be delivered easily. Deobandis have not translated this part and Allah knows best.

I am speechless about the taweez being written on the left thigh of a woman and the reader is wise enough to reject this ridiculous act but I ask my brothers and sisters that adhere to this book to please help me increase my knowledge for the sake of Allaah and tell me if its alright to tie quranic aayah on thighs of women. This blasphemous taweez has nothing to do with Quran, sunnah or Imam Abu Hanifa rahimahullah.

Yet this book is regarded as one of the best books on hanafi fiqh and this book says all matters pertaining to deen are mentioned in Quran and hadeeth so if this is deen then it must be somewhere in Quran and hadeeth but it isnt. Next day take it out and mix these ants properly in the oil. Rub your private part with thick cloth until it is reddish then massage this oil on it and leave it for 20 mins.

Leave aside them, we cant even show it to men either. There are other nonsense like this in Bahishti Zewar but this one is enough. This was never supposed to be deen.. How have these people made a mockery of what was supposed to be a revelation from Allaah. We as muslims argue with Christians and show them the X rated stories in the bible but what about this?

Then in all the above cases his salaat will be valid, but it will be contrary to the Sunnah. Similarly, if after the durood, he did not read any dua, but made salaam immediately after reciting durood, then too his salaat will be valid but contrary to the Sunnah.

Masla 10 It is Sunnah to raise the hands at the time of making intention. If one does not raise his hands, it will still be proper but contrary to the Sunnah. Masla 17 If a person does not read Surah Faatihah in the latter two rakaats but merely reads SubhaanAllah three times, even then his salaat will be proper. However, it is preferable to recite Surah Faatihah. And if he reads nothing at all and merely remains silent, even then there is no harm and the salaat will be proper.

SubhanAllah, this is their method of performing fard salaah and they debate us on Rafa yadain, saying ameen loudly and reciting surah al faatiha behind the imam. The bottom line, if you dont read anything in your salaah, still it will be proper and correct.

SubhanAllaah, this is fard salaah and i wonder whats left behind to recite in Salaah?? They debate us on Rafa yadain, ameen bil jahr, reciting surah al fateha behind the imaam… Whats the use of all these debates when such recipes are given to make a mockery of the worship of Allaah?

Some deobandis say this is about a person that is new to Islam or doesnt know the duas. That is not the case here at all and nor is it mentioned. It isnt about some one Unable to recite OR Cannot recite. If some one is new to Islam and if he is unable to recite anything then Allaah will inshaAllah accept his salaah even if he doesnt know anything and stands for prayer. Further, the reference states that the prophet s. This is a buhtaan on Rasool Allah sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam because the prophet sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam did not raise his hands at the time of making the intention for salaah as stated.

They have forged translations of their own on occasions to hide the truth from the English speaking public. I ask my deobandi brothers again.. He will have to give her mahrul mithl as well, and this intercourse with her will not be regarded as adultery zind nor will there be any sin. Infact, if the woman falls pregnant, the lineage of the child will be in order.

It will not be tainted and it is not permissible to label the child as being a bastard. The moment the man realizes that this is not his wife, he should immediately separate himself from her and it will not be permissible for him to continue with the intercourse.

It is also wdjib on this woman to observe the iddah. It is not permissible for her to stay with her husband or to engage in sexual intercourse with him. How on earth is Mahrul Mithl applicable and given to the one that you had zina with?

And how on earth is that child born not illegitimate? What shall i call this….? I cant help but call this a recipe for Zina. What was the woman doing all this time? Was she mistaken as well? Or just suppose that the mistaken person is your very own brother and the woman is ur wife or mother.

Will you then go around justifying this…? Im very sorry im harsh but emotions cant be controlled when these things are being attributed to Islam when as they have nothing to do with Islam. This book Bahishti zewar is being distributed in our women by the people that have never bothered reading it them selves. This dirt has nothing to do with Islam or imam abu hanifa rah and we reject this fabricated dirt. My brothers and sisters this is not from any Quranic aayat or any hadeeth in the treasures of ahadeeth to do this practice and im sure inshaAllah that this isnt even mentioned by Imam Abu Hanif rah.

The Prophet s. Its not in the Quran, sunnah or any where by Imam abu hanifa rahimahullah. May Allah guide us all and may Allah protect us from every kinds of innovations Bidat in Islam. In order to get rid of this doubt, he should wash his left foot.

From where is thanwi sahb getting these things? We know that Sunnat Ghair muwakkada is the sunnah which the prophet s. That means if these 4 rakaat are Sunnat Ghair Muwakkada then Surely there should be just one proof atleast to show that the prophet sal Allahu alyhi wasallam prayed these 4 rakaat but wallahi there is not a single hadeeth with Sahi or Hasan chain which even indicates that the prophet sal Allahu alyhi wasallam offered 4 rakaat sunnah before Isha fard.

Mufti taqi usmani tried to justify these 4 rakaat with a proof of his but Alhamdulillah at the end he make it clear that the prophet s. However, I do have doubts over his attempt to justify this 4 rakaat with the hadeeth of Sahi Al Bukhari. Now the same Sahabi narrates another similar hadeeth which is mentioned in Sahi Al Bukhari. The exact same sahabi makes it clear that there is a nafal prayer before maghrib salah and he did not give any exception to maghrib Salaah but mufti taqi usmani used a hadeeth narrated by the exact same sahabi and gives an exception to the maghrib salaah.

Its like Justifying something that has no proof any where and leaving out something that has proof from the same proof that one has presented. The nafal before maghrib salaah has its daleel and the 4 rakaat Sunnat ghair muwakkada has no daleel.

There is no exception for maghrib salaah in this hadeeth at all and the daleel provided by him applies to the nafal before maghrib salaah as well. It does not have any exception for maghrib salaah either which negates the majority of the position of hanafi fiqh. Allaah knows best.

However, it is preferable to offer the Salah with the impure clothes. However the above reference of women praying salaah while naked is not mentioned any where by Imam Abu Hanifa rahimahullah. This is not hanafi fiqh, this is not what Imam Abu Haneefa ever said or ever wrote. This issue is also not mentioned any where in the Quran and Sunnah.

It was said he should pray naked, or he should pray wearing it and repeat the prayer, or he should pray in it and not repeat the prayer, and this is the most correct of the scholarly views.. So the most correct view is that One should pray in it and not repeat the prayer.

Offering salaat naked is not from hanafi fiqh or Imam Abu Hanifa neither is it any where mentioned in Quran and Sunnah.

There are no words of intention for salaatul janaazah or any form of salaah any where in the Quran or hadeeth.


Bahishti Zewar MUST READ Ashraf Ali Thanwi



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