Alternatively, a mobile control console1 is available for the exam room. Its integrated MaxTouch display adjusts the orientation when turned. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. SmartView1 allows you to display live images from endoscopy, ultrasound or review workstations on an integrated second monitor — right next to your radiography or fluoroscopy images. Luminos dRF Max — Fluoroscopy Machine — Siemens Healthineers Global By combining remote fluoroscopy and unlimited radiography, our proven Luminos dRF Max 1 lets you increase system utilization and save on costs lumnos an additional system and room.

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We build on a winning team and strive to reach your goals in image quality, flexibility, efficiency and security in your investment. The new Luminos dRF presents a new generation of 2-in-1 that strives to meet your goals in speed, consistency, quality and profitability. SmartMove saves you time and effort Using the Siemens unique SmartMove1, the new Luminos dRF moves directly from one position to the next with speed, accuracy, and consistency.

One touch and the system moves to where you need it. Increase utilization and return on investment Luminos dRF enables higher utilization throughout the day by pairing high quality fluoroscopy with digital radiography. This improves the overall efficiency of your fluoroscopy system, resulting in a better return on your investment.

Shorter examination times with less interruptions The number of workflow steps can be greatly reduced, resulting in significantly faster examinations. Time-consuming cassette handling and film development are history. Greater versatility with a wide range of applications Advanced clinical options such as digital subtraction angiography DSA , tomography, long leg and long spine imaging make the system even more versatile in utilization. Moreover, a wide range of optional accessories is available for special requirements, such as those in the fields of urology and pediatrics.

Improve comfort to patients and staff Luminos dRF is known for its height-adjustable table and ease of use. The new Luminos dRF expands on this to provide easier examinations, more intuitive controls and improvements in comfort as well as safety for patients and staff. SmartTouch improves safety for patients and staff New joysticks only allow system movement with the touch of a human hand — preventing unintentional system movements and keeping you in control.

Only on human touch, will the system move. Easy patient transfer to the table as low as a chair With a lowest table height of just 48 cm, patient transfer is easier than ever for both patients and medical staff.

Two pre-set patient transfer positions — supine and upright — support rapid movement of the system into a patient-friendly position with just a push of a button. Excellent patient access and complete coverage Barrier-free access from all sides permits comfortable patient positioning. Patients can also easily be transferred from a stretcher. The 8-way tabletop movements and tube travel minimize re-positioning and allow access to virtually every body region.

Fully digital imaging with fewer interruptions A fully digital dual system means fewer interruptions and delays to examinations. The need for cassette handling is eliminated, as all images arrive at the digital imaging system for review and archiving.

Intuitive controls at your fingertips The compact control console with an intuitive touch user interface supports easy remote operation including organ programming. In addition, comprehensive tableside controls allow full movement control.

Alternatively, a mobile control console1 is available for the exam room. Brilliant imaging with reduced dose Luminos dRF has a large 43 cm x 43 cm flat detector for fluoroscopy and high-resolution radiography. The system adds flexibility in the display of other modalities to give you the images you need where you need them. SmartView keeps your target in sight. SmartView1 allows you to display live images from endoscopy, ultrasound or review workstations on an integrated second monitor — right next to your radiography or fluoroscopy images.

One touch to get the image you need. DiamondView Plus DiamondView Plus displays brilliant radiographic images with enhanced detail contrast, increased sharpness, and reduced noise thanks to organ-specific multi-scale processing. Advanced clinical applications The system easily handles a wide range of dynamic procedures such as arthrography, myelography, venography, and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography ECRP , just to name a few.

Moreover, the table is equipped with a grid for scattered radiation, which can be easily removed with the push of just two buttons. FluoroLoop1 offers storage and replay of dynamic fluoro sequences and thus potentially eliminates the need for re-exposure.

Thanks to background buffering, the decision to store a sequence can simply be made retrospectively. Its intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface follows the clinical workflow, allowing case completion in just four steps. Fully digital imaging Images are available within seconds and appear in the same patient folder, regardless whether they are acquired as a dynamic sequence or in high-resolution mode.

In addition, images acquired with the optional wireless detector wi-D are processed at the same imaging station. Images are at hand wherever needed. Key functionalities are performed in the background, enabling the user to proceed with the next patient without interruption. Users can preview the image layout before printing. Advanced functionalities include fluoro recording on DVD, such as for lengthy swallowing studies.

Virtually limitless projection flexibility The new Ysio system extensions bring even more versatility in the field of radiography. The Ysio option offers digital imaging with wi-D1, projection flexibility with the ceiling-suspended tube, and a wall stand for performing upright examinations with ease.

Flexible configurations are available to meet your particular clinical demands. Wireless detector wi-D The wi-D1 delivers fully digital, high-resolution images for review within seconds, facilitating a faster clinical workflow. Wall stand exposures, free bedside projections, and standing feet or lateral decubitus imaging can be performed with ease in combination with the ceiling-suspended tube.

Ceiling-mounted tube The ceiling-mounted tube1 adds even more projection flexibility to the fluoroscopy suite. The vertical tracking function with the wall stand supports fast positioning. Its integrated MaxTouch display adjusts the orientation when turned. MaxTouch display The large MaxTouch display1 on the tube housing features a color touch user interface with multiple control functions. MaxTouch provides instant access to patient data and key parameters in the examination room, thus avoiding the need to leave the room.

Wall stand An optional Bucky wall stand increases the versatility of the system. It enables fast and convenient upright examinations of the chest, spine or legs and can be done with ease either using the wi-D or CR cassettes.

All digitally acquired radiographic and fluoroscopic images are stored in one patient folder. This facilitates a time and cost savings by avoiding the need to merge the images on a PACS station.


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