Sets the error tolerance and camshaft offsets. Starts and stops PC logger. The control pressure for boost regulating must be taken before the throttle. Installation See wiring later in this manual. NOTE, Some of these axis may be in sub menus.

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IMPORTANT: Please note that this product is intended for high performance motor sport applications and compliance with statutory regulations when used on public roads cannot be guaranteed. Eight injector drivers for full sequential operation on engines up to eight cylinders. Eight arbitrarily positioned injection events per engine cycle are possible with any combination of the 8 outputs firing at each event suits odd fire engines.

Staged injection is possible via individual injector trim tables. All common port injector types catered for 0. Independent current selection for 2 groups of 4 injection outputs each. Unused Injector outputs are available for alternate output up to 7 or alternate switch input up to 3. Four push-pull Ignition outputs with 3D mappable dwell or pulse time duration.

Suitable for Distributor and Distributor-less inductive, Coil-on-plug and Capacitor Discharge ignition systems. Single coil distributor, twin coil distributor, twin-plug distributor or distributor-less, or multi-coil distributor-less ignition configurations are possible on most engines. Multiplexed output function allows coil per cylinder without waste spark in application beyond 4 cylinders and waste spark beyond 8 cylinders, when used with compatible ignition systems.

Unused Ignition outputs are available for alternate output up to 3. Sensing circuitry adapts to Reluctor signals ranging from 0.

Programmable signal filtering reduces the chance of mis-triggering. Trigger decoding logic is compatible with the trigger wheels used by most engine manufacturers. When the Sync input is not required for camshaft sensing, it can be used as a speed input.

Three dedicated digital inputs. All are suitable for speed measurement or as switch inputs. One is suitable for the connection of a Digital Airflow meter or Digital Flex-fuel sensor. Also up to 3 unused injector outputs can be used as switch inputs. Two dedicated PWM outputs 9. The 4 Push-pull outputs are also suitable for a single stepper motor or two H-Bridges, or a single higher current rated H-Bridge when paralleled in pairs.

Frequency ranges: 8 10Hz only, 3 10 to Hz. User choice of Manifold absolute pressure or Throttle position as Engine load input. Internal absolute pressure sensor for simplified installation. The standard Manifold absolute pressure sensor is continuous rated to kPa 29 PSI absolute and intermittently to kPa 64 PSI absolute, and is available from stock. A heavy duty kPa 74 PSI absolute continuous rated sensor is available on special order.

The internal sensor can be used for barometric pressure sensing when an external Manifold absolute pressure sensor is connected only if the internal sensor is a standard 0 to kPa absolute type. Absolute manifold pressure may be derived from a Digital Airflow meter.

The O2 and 2 additional analogue inputs can alternately be used for general purpose analogue measurement or user defined thresholds of switch inputs.

Up to 2 sensing thresholds can be set for each analogue INPUT except the internal Pressure sensor channel for the digital control of internal functions. This method, combined with other measures, ensures precise fuel delivery matching, irrespective of altitude and exhaust back-pressure when a back pressure sensor is connected whilst reducing calibration effort. Compensation of engine control parameters for engine operation over a wide altitude range fuel delivery, ignition timing and boost pressure is possible, including continuous altitude compensation.

Measurement of, and fuel delivery correction for exhaust back pressure when an external exhaust pressure sensor is connected. Internal modelling reduces the calibration effort required to achieve accurate compensation. Users report a noticeable improvement to engine performance immediately following both clutch and WOT wide open throttle gearshifts. Precise compensation for injector dead-time and non-linearity is possible. Large library of predefined compensations for popular injector types.

Intelligent multi-shot injection of starting fuel for rapid hot and cold engine starts. Precise spark advance control strategies for both static and dynamic operating conditions. Capable of cylinder by cylinder Knock Control when fitted with an Autronic Knock control module.

This adaption also eliminates difficult manual determination of knock detection thresholds. Supports the extensive diagnostic and failsafe limp home protective features of these knock modules. Comprehensive limp-home functions including user selectable default settings that, whenever possible, ensure engine operation can continue after sensor failure has occurred.

User selectable spark and fuel delivery strategy for abnormal engine operation conditions to minimize possibility of engine damage whilst still maintaining engine operation e. Variable within tables by a user defined axis and separate offset table. Closed loop feedback idle speed control. Compatible with 2 and 3 wire and stepper type actuators.

Closed loop feedback timing control of 1 or 2 camshafts. Control of engine cooling fans are coordinated with air conditioner operation. Fuel pump safety shut-off. Pump stops 3 to 4 seconds after the engine stops. Fuel used pulse function to electronic or electromechanical counter with resolution of 0. For use with trip computer. Direct connect a narrow band O2 sensor for narrow band closed loop emissions control, or a compatible wide band Air-fuel ratio meter e. Autronic MAFM1 for full range engine tuning.

Digital Flex-fuel sensor capable, using a single digital input that accepts both fuel composition and fuel temperature. Can be used with optional No. Allows diagnosis without the need to connect a P. Remote error indicator optional. Assists with the detection of intermittent fault conditions. Error history information is also accessible from P. User configurable internal data logging of up to 16 channels with the selected channels each being sampled as fast as 50 times a second.

Peak capture channels aids detection of over-rev, over-boost and over-temperature conditions. Serial data port can be used in a bi-directional communication mode for P. Simultaneous and independent operation of the internal data logger and serial port data link is allowed. Its Black Anodized Billet Aluminium O-ring sealed case offers significantly enhanced environmental protection.

Notes: i. The above list describes the capability on the current production revision of the product. Earlier releases may have a different or reduced feature set. Contact Autronic if upgrade to current revision is required. Due to the shared functionality of certain pins, not all features are simultaneously available. Before purchasing this product or attempting to use an existing unit in a new application, you should confirm its suitability by downloading the compatible P.


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