It stars Zully Moreno. Zeffirelli first approached Hussey about starring in the film a few weeks after the premiere of Romeo and Juliet After the tour, Zeffirelli had trouble finding finances and a studio for the project. In , Zeffirelli directed the film, Brother Sun Sister Moon , which failed to live up to the success of Romeo and Juliet , and prevented him from finding a studio to pick his proposal for Camille. Hussey, believing that the film was off, starred in Summertime Killer and Lost Horizon , and had her first child in February of

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As he estimates their worth and prospective bidders inspect various items, Nanina, a loyal servant girl, bids the place farewell. Among those inspecting the items is Monsieur Duval, whose son Armand rushes in frantically.

Armand appears on the verge of collapse as he looks around the familiar rooms and realizes what is happening. He has previously admired her from afar, but has never before had the opportunity to make her acquaintance.

Armand comes along as well, and Marguerite uses him to tease the young Count. Count N. Marguerite, who is suffering from consumption, begins coughing, and retires to another room alone. Armand follows her and offers help; overwhelmed by her presence, he confesses his love. Marguerite is sceptical and at first resists, then is won over.

Nonetheless, Marguerite continues to lead her usual live, hastening from one ball to another, from one admirer to the next, from the old Duke to the young Count. Armand waits for her, even following her to the country, where the Duke has arranged an idyllic house for Marguerite to recover her health.

When the inevitable confrontation between Armand and the Duke occurs, Marguerite publicly acknowledges Armand as her lover, deciding against wealth and security. Outraged, the Duke departs the gathering, leaving Marguerite and Armand alone to begin their new life together.

The thought of this happiness, now forever lost, causes Armand to lose his composure again. With great reluctance, Marguerite agrees to this sacrifice. She returns to Paris and plunges desperately back into her former lifestyle.

Nanina brings him a letter from Marguerite, in which she tells him she has left him and returned to her former life in Paris. Disbelieving, Armand hastens there. After walking throughout the night, he arrives at her Paris apartment to find her in the arms of another man.

Marguerite is there with another beautiful courtesan, Olympia, to whom Armand immediately makes overtures. To have his revenge on the woman who has so deeply hurt him, Armand begins a very public an affair with Olympia. The now deathly ill Marguerite seeks out Armand and begs him not to hurt her so needlessly. Despite their hurt, the two are briefly reunited. But the nightmarish vision of Manon plagues Marguerite in her sleep and she awakens with a renewed determination to keep her promise to Monsieur Duval.

In despair, Marguerite again leaves Armand. At a grand ball shortly thereafter, Armand publicly offends Marguerite by handing her money as payment for past services. Marguerite collapses. Armand has reached the end of his story. His father, who has listened attentively, leaves, deeply moved. Marguerite see the last act: impoverished and exiled to America, Manon is exhausted by her flight.

She dies in the arms of her faithful lover des Grieux, who has followed her into exile. Marguerite leaves the theatre sick and in despair. The ballet characters force themselves into her feverish dreams and blend with her own hopes and memories. Deserted by her former friends and longing to see Armand once again, Marguerite confides her fears and longings to her diary, which she then passes on to Nanina for Armand.

Alone and impoverished, Marguerite dies.


The Lady of the Camellias



The Lady Of The Camellias



Camille: The Lady of the Camellias


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