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When you return, consult recorded messages. To choose or alter your personal code must be reflexws digits. When you answer the call, the calling station number will also be displayed. Applying a selective diversion. To forward calls to an associate number: Getting information about camped-on calls.

Alcatel Advanced Reflexes Customising your voice greeting. Direct Call Pick-up 6 5. Direct call to a paging device Group Important informations These symbols can be supplemented by small icons or text. Your phone will ring and you will be put through to your first caller. Lift the handset and dial the number you want directly or use a dialing feature, e. ProgandFollow the prompts displayed on the screen. To program a key: If your calls are diverted to another terminal, the diversion is not applied to the reminder call.

Answering a general bell. Advanced Reflexes Filetype: Create new phonebook 9. Making an External call. Please ring tomorrow 3. Alcatel Business Systems, in keeping with its policy of constant product improvement for the customer, reserves the right to modify product specifications without prior notice. English; French; Spanish; etc. Reflezes answer a night service call: Consultation Call During a conversation with either an internal or an external caller, you can call a second person.

Transf OR OR 25 if allowed by system configuration You can also transfer your call immediately, without waiting for the number to answer, using either of the two methods described above. To put a call on hold: Making an Internal call. Transfer call to another terminal. OK destination number diversion is acknowledged OR You can make calls, but only the destination number can call you. You can forward calls to your mxnual to reflect any one of the available conditions.

Identify the terminal you on. A specific telephone within a group can always be called by using its own number. This protection is only in effect until you hang up. Charging your calls directly to business accounts. Phone password 8 8. Create system speed phonebook 10 During a conversation, you wish to place the call on hold and recover it later, on the same telephone.

Station speaker — to share a conversation End: To end this review: Making an outside call. Requesting automatic callback if internal number is busy Answering an internal call in intercom mode. Camp-on an internal party who is busy If you call an internal terminal and all of its lines are busy, the voice guide or busy tone and station display will inform you of this.

Call on common hold. Certain you have programmed the phone number on the program key. Programmable key associated with a pictogram 7.

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