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By clicking on the e-data portal, you are taken to a page that has some family treatments i. There is also a key to some of the genera in the flora. Also be aware that some treatments e. Rafflesiaceae are old and do not necessarily represent current thinking about the group. A rich source of literature in biology, especially older works e. Flora de Filipinas, segun el sistema sexual de Linneo. Manila: Impienta de D. Miguel Sanchez. LaFrankie, JV. Trees of tropical Asia. An illustrated guide to diversity.

Philippines: Black Tree Publications, Inc. Madulid DA. The endemic genera of flowering plants in the Philippines. Acta Manilana Merrill ED. Botanical publications of E. Merrill Volume v. A dictionary of the plant names of the Philippine Islands. Manila: Bureau of public printing. Report on investigations made in Java in the year Manila: Bureau of Public Printing. A flora of Manila. Manila: Bureau of Printing. Publications of the Bureau of Government Laboratories, Manila. Species Blancoanae: a critical revision of the Philippine species of plants described by Blanco and by Llanos.

An enumeration of Philippine flowering plants. Manila: Bureau of printing. Online at the Biodiversity Library. An updated list of endangered Philippine plants. Biological Society of Tunghai. Vidal y Soler S. Floristic zonation of tree communities on wet tropical mountains revisited.

Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 6: Patterns of distribution of Malesian vascular plants. Leiden, The Netherlands. Altitudinal zonation of pteridophytes on Mt. Banahaw de Lucban, Luzon Island, Philippines.

Plant Ecology Brooks RR. Ecology, Phytogeography and Physiology Series. Brown WH. The Vegetation of Philippine Mountains. The relation between the environment and physical types at different altitudes.

Pages Philippine mangrove swamps. Report no. Philippine dipterocarp forests. Philippine Journal of Science 9: Philippine palms and palm products. Buot IE, Jr. Vegetation zonation of Mt. Akiki, Cordillera mountain range, Benguet Province, Philippines. Asia Life Sciences Sustaining environmental health in Philippine satoyama landscapes.

Asia Life Sciences: Vertical distribution and zonation pattern of woody vegetation on the northwestern slope of Mt. Mayon, Philippines. Vertical distribution and structure of the tree vegetation in the montane forest of Mt. Pulog, Cordillera mountain range and the highest mountain in Luzon Is. Vegetation Science Asian and South-western Pacific continental terranes derived from Gondwana, and their biogeographic significance.

Australian Systematic Botany 4: 13— Castillo ML. Champion HG. A preliminary survey of forest types of India and Burma. Indian Forestry Records New Series 1: Chave, al. Assessing evidence for a pervasive alteration in tropical tree communities. Limestone karsts of Southeast Asia: Imperiled arks of biodiversity. BioScience Co LL, et al. Quezon City, Philippines. Palanan forest dynamics plot.

Co LL, Re T. Flora Malesiana Bulletin Fernando ES. Diversity of the Flora in Philippine Forest Ecosystems. The vegetation of the Philippines Islands and the situation of the flowering plants. Restoring the Philippine Rain Forests. Haribon Policy Paper No. Quezon City, Philippines: Haribon Foundation. Mangrove trees of the Philippines. Sylvatrop, Philippine Forest Research Journal 5: Forest formations of the Philippines. Dipterocarpaceae of Bohol Island, Philippines.

A preliminary study on the floristic composition and structure of a lowland evergreen rainforest in Mt. Magdiwata, Agusan del Sur, Philippines. A botanical inventory of a submontane tropical rainforest on Negros Island, Philippines.

Biodiversity and Conservation 8: Jacobs M. Rijksherbarium, Leiden. Kitayama K. An altitudinal transect study of the vegetation on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo. Vegetatio Vascular plant species inventory of a Philippine lowland rain forest and its conservation value. Biodiversity and Conservation Linis VC. The mossflora of Camiguin Island, Philippines and their floristic relations to some adjacent islands in the archipelago.


A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Philippine Ornamental Plants


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A pictorial cyclopedia of Philippine ornamental plants


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