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Industrias GALFER began manufacturing brake pads and discs specific to MTB in developing them together in collaboration with leading european manufacturers of brake systems, and is also today, the only Spanish manufacturer of brake pads for bicycles. Since our company was founded in , we have been known for being at the forefront of innovation, quality and organization.

Today we link our experience and tradition to new technologies, cutting-edge materials and the most advanced management systems. All our products are strictly tested for quality to guarantee its safety. We are so committed with quality regulations that our quality controls exceed the ECE R standards. GALFER business philosophy is based on the values that led us to become a world leader in braking systems.

Todos nuestros productos se someten a un estricto control de calidad que garantiza su seguridad. In this extremely demanding market, we know that the only way of staying ahead our competitors and to continue being a world reference in the manufacturing of braking systems is to invest in continual improvement.

All pieces are tested under strict quality control measures to ensure the highest degree of safety and performance. The materials are developed in our laboratories and then chemical and physical tests are conducted. Once this phase is completed and to determine their going into production further tests are conducted on a vehicle. The Department of Methodology designs the production processes with the Engineering Department. Finally, the Quality Department certifies the quality and reliability of our products according to ISO standards.

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